Monday, July 13, 2015

EWWW: Man Charged With Lewd Behavior At LA Fitness

Lenard Henley of south suburban Crete is charged with public indecency after he was allegedly found masturbating in the women's locker room at LA Fitness in the Century Shopping Centre.

A female patron told police that she was showering at the gym when she noticed Henley, 46, pleasuring himself nearby. According to police, Henley has two prior convictions for public indecency/lewd exposure.

He's due back in court on July 23.

Oh, THAT Again

It started off simply enough. A resident of the 3200 block of Wilton called police after three strangers allegedly refused to leave the private parking lot behind his home.

Police arrived and arrested two transgenders for trespassing.

Then, they saw 22-year-old Alex Ford of Oak Park, "with his penis exposed and a condom placed on his penis," according to their report.

"They brought me back there to hook up," Ford allegedly told arresting officers.

Ford is charged with public indecency and trespassing.

Charged with trespassing are Michael Holmes, 22, of the South Chicago neighborhood and Anthony Gibson, 19, who gave no address.
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