Wednesday, July 29, 2015

BREAK-INS GALORE: More Businesses Targeted In Overnight Spree; One Burgled Shop Gets Ticket For "False Alarm"

At least three more local businesses have been victimized in overnight burglaries since Sunday as a month-long spree shows no signs of slowing down. Restaurants have been particularly hard-hit in the crime wave.

The owner of Ceres’ Table, 3124 N. Broadway, became the latest victim at 4:40 this morning when a single burglar busted through the restaurant’s back door and knocked the alarm system off of the wall.

Police were dispatched to the restaurant when the alarm sounded but, rather than discovering the latest in a series of burglaries that has been the subject of two police alerts, the officers issued Ceres’ Table a ticket for a “false alarm.”

Early indications are that nothing was taken from the restaurant.

Yesterday morning, The Menz Room salon, 3437 Sheffield reported a similar break-in. Once again, the offender broke through the establishment’s rear door. In that case, the thief made off with cash from a register.

And on Sunday morning, Si-Pie Pizzeria, 3477 Broadway, reported that it had been burglarized, too.

Local alderman Tom Tunney spoke with ABC7 Chicago about the burglaries on Monday:
"I've been in communication with police department. They do not feel there is a rash or something particularly different about the past 10 days but we're on top of it.”
That’s weird. Because we aren’t used to seeing the police department issuing two alerts in the course of days for something that’s not different. But rest assured, businesses, the he is on top it!
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  1. It's like Tunney is laughing in our faces. He's the king of denial and lies.

    1. Tunneys can kiss my ever-expanding ass. He is useless to Ward 44. He is wearing rose-colored glasses and living in a Pollyanna frame of mind. Tourism is drying up over here. Bars and restaurants are NOT always packed anymore, even on a Saturday night. Steamworks even has less guys in it. Think about all this for a moment and project out one, two, five years into the future.

  2. Tom Tunney is an embarrassment to the Ward and to the entire city. Unfortunately, MOST of the Alderfools are a big waste of time, rubber-stamping shills for Rahm Emmanual.

  3. Who cares about Tunney. Lakeview biz and residents need to get together and fight back. I like the looks of that incredibly well-armed security officer at Binneys. Think about that for a second.

  4. Tunney has informed us on his Facebook page that Lakeview is a safe neighborhood, so not sure where in the world you're getting all of these reports on crime from. Surely he wouldn't be telling another fib lol.

    I have to give moron Tunney credit though, it takes a truly clueless, incompetent individual to being dumb enough to keep coming out in public with the rose colored sunglasses.

  5. Are you kidding the police didn't even check the back door and see it was a break in, but gave a ticket for a false alarm?
    How would that happen? was this just being lazy and not check the whole building for a break in ??

  6. "...but we're on top of it." God I hate his guts.

  7. Too bad the Alderperson is "on top of it" rather than getting into it to actually correct it. If the guy had a set, he be all over both the mayor and McJerk.

  8. Must be part of Rahm's master plan to increase the retail vacancy rate in Lakeview.
    Before you know it, all we will have will be nail salons, hair salons and Walgreens.