Thursday, July 23, 2015

BOYSTOWN: Cops Find Robbery Victim In Halsted Alley

The victim was found in this Buckingham Place alley, just west of Halsted Street.
Police responding to 911 calls of a man screaming for help near Buckingham and Halsted discovered a robbery victim beaten in an alley Tuesday night.

Several callers reported hearing screams and one caller reported the victim—said to be in his 40's with gray hair—lying in the alley just west of Halsted Street.

According to a source, the man was in the neighborhood to visit his brother. While here, he encountered a group of four people—three young men and one woman—who suggested they all get cigarettes. Once the five were inside the alley, the victim says, the four acquaintances pepper-sprayed him and knocked him unconscious with a brick.

The robbers then took the man's valuables and fled.

The victim was transported by ambulance to Illinois Masonic Medical Center at 10:45PM.

(CPD case HY350356)
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  1. Transported at 10:45 PM? That means he got beat-up before that -- which means PRETTY DARN EARLY. You can't say this guy was walking around at 3 AM, can you? I live off of Halstead as well - that's scary. That said, I am one of the few Lakeview residents who is exercising my conceal/carry rights and am always aware of my surroundings.

    1. Based on what I have been hearing from friends the numbers legally carrying are steadily increasing in Lakeview. I have two friends that I thought would never in a million years carry have gotten their permit. Guess that is bound to happen when they hear about the lack of police and all the crime.

  2. Actually, as of the beginning of this month there were only about 140 or so concealed carry licensees in the 60557 zip code, according to information obtained through the FOIA from the ISP. That's out of around 68,000 residents in that zip code. There are some of us out here, and I happen to take late night walks in the problem areas, but with so few concealed carry licensees per capita in this neighborhood, unfortunately the odds are that criminals will almost never encounter one of us if it stays as low as it is.