Monday, July 06, 2015

ALERT: Robbery Victims Lured By Cragislist Ads

Chicago police tonight have issued a familiar warning: People are being robbed when they show up to sell valuables to strangers whom they’ve met via Craigslist.

Friday evening, a man was kicked and punched in the face by two offenders who robbed him of his valuables after meeting up in a CVS Pharmacy parking lot at Irving Park and Western.

The offenders are described as two black men in their early 20’s who stand about 5’10” tall and weigh about 150 pounds. They were wearing all black clothing and were last seen running southbound in a nearby alley.

About an hour before the CVS incident, another victim was robbed by the same men after meeting up with them in the 3900 block of Lawrence.

Chicago police have frequently announced that their stations may be used as safe locations for transactions between strangers. Of course, once you leave the station with your wad of cash or merchandise, you’ll be on your own.

In January, a Logan Square man's bicycle was stolen from the 14th district police station foyer while he went inside to report his iPhone stolen.
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  1. I've sold a fair amount of stuff on Craigslist without issues. Generally I'll meet at a Starbucks and it's worked ok thus far. So if you're going to buy anything off of CL, meet indoors in a public place. I know East Chicago will allow you to use the lobby of the police station to conduct transactions from CL.

    1. East Chicago?!?!? In 2014, East Chicago had the highest violent crime rate in all of Indiana. Just getting TO the police station in East Chicago is a life threatening experience in itself. If you live in East Chicago, you have much bigger problems than selling some junk on Craigslist.

  2. I've never had any problems selling on CL either. One item I sold to a Chicago cop. I do, however, judge the demeanor of the interesred party with thr very first email. We must talk on the phone after that. If they can't or won't, no deal.