Saturday, July 11, 2015

ALERT: Cops Connect Recent Boystown, Lakeview Muggings

Chicago police on Saturday issued a community alert after detectives linked two robberies that were committed in our neighborhood over the past few days.

The alert, shown here, draws a connection between the July 8th mugging of a bartender in Boystown and yesterday morning's robbery of a Lakeview resident near George and Mildred.

Both robberies took place around 4AM.
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  1. Nice to get the notice, even though one of dates on the notice is wrong. Details.

  2. What happened with The Riz (right?) and one other who were meeting to start a plan of action regarding crime and us taking back our streets? Does anyone know? A number of us are willing to get involved, but don't know where to begin.

    1. I would like to get involved as well. I think a good start would be a couple billboards with the Crime in Wrigley-Boystown website in big bold letters. Preferably close to Tom Tunny's office or restaurants.

    2. Again! haven't we been down this road before?with no improvement!