Saturday, June 20, 2015

WHEEL DEAL: 3 Plead Guilty To Burglarizing Lakefront Bike Shop

Three men charged with burglarizing a lakefront bicycle stand last September have pleaded guilty to theft charges. At the time of the break-in, Lakeshore Bike owner Demian March estimated his losses at $18,000 to $20,000.

All three men pleaded guilty to theft charges last week.

Jeremiah Avilles, 19, received second chance probation, 30 hours of community service, 40 days in jail offset by 40 days time served, and a fine of $699. He has also been ordered to pay restitution of $567 to the victim.

Mauricio Franco, 22, received 24 months probation and one day in jail offset by one day served. He has been ordered to pay the same fine and restitution.

Israel Perez, 19, received second chance probation, 18 days in jail offset by 18 days served, and was ordered to submit a DNA sample. Perez has also been ordered to pay the same fine and restitution.

Shop owner March last year credited 19th district bike patrol officers with cracking the case, CBS2 reported at the time:
"We help [them] out while they’re on duty,” March said. “They had heard what had happened. They were pretty appalled, and they did a bunch of investigation on their own time, and saw this thing through.”
The bike stand is located near the baseball fields across Lake Shore Drive at Addison.
Image: Yelp!
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  1. Excellent sentencing. A real aggressive approach to crime prevention. No doubt that will provide a deterrent to future trash like them.

    :-\ I wish if crime like this were to happen, maybe it would be on the judge's property. Maybe then they would tree at it seriously.

  2. Good work and thank you, 019 officers.

  3. What a complete slap in the face and waste of time investigating and catching these criminal thieves only to see them receive probation. What kind of universe are we living in? Isn't the goal to sufficiently punish criminals and create a deterrent? These criminals laugh all the way to their next victim.
    Insulting to the officers and completely ridiculous!

  4. $1701 is a interesting amount for restitution when the owner is out $18-$20k. What is the name of the Ass Clown Judge? These fools just beat the case in their mind. WTF is second chance probation?

  5. Restitution is based in actual loss. Therefore, i suspect this was his out of pocket after insurance. His insurance company can also go after the offenders for what they paid out.

  6. I would expect probation when they catch one of these turds stealing A bike not the entire shop!

    Perhaps thats what we need to do here. Arn't these judges elected? (the entire back page of the voting slip was filled with judges names recently. I didn't bother to vote on any of them as I don't have a clue what they are up to). Lets take the worst one and throw him out. Does anyone on here, CWB?, hang out at the local courts enough to opine? Could a few coppers weigh in please?

    1. Some of our posts before the November judicial retainment election:

    2. I VERY much appreciated and USED these when I voted. Thank you! FYI .. may be a good sticky default list to keep at the top of the page. More and more, we see how very much judges' sentencing punishments of these animals continjues to affect our daily lives .. AND AS WELL .. the so-called bleeding heart "shelter" facilities that have invaded our peace, sanity, life and limb.

    3. Great, glad to see such awareness. What a rouges gallery of judges. Good old Chicago.

    4. That's the problem---people skip the judges because they do not want to be bothered with doing a little homework. I get a copy of the ballot before I go in to vote and consult lists such as those provided by this blog and other sources. I frankly would prefer an appointment basis--but that comes with a whole lot of other problems--especially in the way politics plays in this town.

  7. Really makes you want to stay in Chicago.
    Anyone want to buy my condo by LSD and Addison?

  8. Good work by the officers in 019!