Monday, June 01, 2015

THE PILLAGE PEOPLE: Wearing Construction Outfits, Men Rob Cell Store At Gunpoint

Two men donned construction worker disguises and brandished a semi-automatic handgun to rob a T-Mobile store less than a half-mile from Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's house Sunday morning.

At least 30 iPhones and Galaxy-brand phones were taken from the store, which sits on the six-way intersection of Lincoln, Damen, and Irving Park Road.

Police said the suspects entered the front door at 11:15AM and immediately made their way to a safe in the back, which may indicate that the robbers have inside knowledge of the store's operations.

The suspects are described as two black men in their upper 20's. Both stood about 5'8" tall and had dark complexions. They both wore white construction helmets, painter-style masks, and work gloves during the heist. Further descriptions of the two men:
#1) Wore an orange construction vest over a red hoodie. He had gray pants, a gray skull cap under his helmet, and is believed to have a lot of hair on his head.
#2) Wore a yellow construction vest. Had braids or dreadlocks that may have been a wig.
The two were last seen running northbound on Damen and then eastbound in the first alley.
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  1. Technical question, how do the thieves make $ on these robberies or when they steal a person phone? I am guessing the phone can be re activated and thus worth money? wouldn't a database of unit numbers of stolen phones be possible?

    1. They take it to any one of the stores conveniently located near L stations that have a cardboard sign in the window that reads "We unlocks phoneses only $15" and sell it to them for $50. Then, the typical resident that HAS to have the latest Apple gizmo or they'll NEVER get a date, buys it for $150.

      See how this works now? In my day it was Duncan yo-yos but we didn't kill each other over them. Just a lil catfight or windmill here and there. Once somebody needed a Band Aid though.

      Also, you can rent the movie The Gods Must Be Crazy and watch the tribe fight over the Coke bottle tossed from the plane. Kinda the same thing. The bottle caused so much trouble one of the tribesman set out on a journey to throw the bottle off the end of the earth as he believed it was flat. Which is what we should do with these damn phones.

    2. This is a legit question though. Once my gas credit card was cut off because I used it 3 times in one day on vacation. Fraud prevention or something. The next month somebody was able to make 3 shipments of $600 shoes to the South side of Chicago on another credit card of mine though.

    3. Already exists. They have the ability to change the imei numbers. Or sell them to someone who can.

  2. Most likely these guys have been around the block with time served.Prison is schooling for the criminal mind.These offenders learn to new techniques to master their behavior so they think until their caught.

    1. So prison isn't the answer then? Just let them roam the streets and dumber crimes.

  3. This is so disturbing. I am at this store once a month to pay my bill. The staff if always very friendly and helpful...I hope no one was hurt. I have always felt safe walking around this neighborhood, until now.

  4. Work gloves??? Undoubtedly never used.

  5. Still waiting for a store owner to pull out a gun and kill the perp....

  6. Tip for store owners: if they're wearing construction uniforms and aren't holding a flag, they're probably not for real.

  7. I am amazed at how much crime the citizens of Chicago tolerate.

    1. Dear ChippewaFan -
      There is very little crime here in our great city. Life here is good and our neighborhood is full of happy people.
      Crime is actually down, from an already low level!
      Happiness is they key.
      You should come here to see it. And go out to breakfast at one of our excellent locally owned establishments. Remember - most of our best restaurants aren't even open for dinner. That's even safer for residents!
      I'm sure you'd be amazed by what you see here.
      Happiness is the key.
      And cinnamon buns help too!
      You'd be amazed.

    2. I don't know of any other city where crime victims don't show up for court, 911 doesn't send officers to a crime scene, crimes are routinely downgraded, and judges don't punish criminals as much as in Chicago.
      The recent case of the man armed with a machete is a perfect example. The man was let out of jail on bond.
      I live in Michigan. He would receive no bail where I live. He probably would have received 20 years in jail.
      I know some naysayers will bring up the high crime cities in Michigan, but all most all areas are very safe.
      Many people have said that Chicago is becoming the next Detroit. At one time Detroit was one of the richest cities in the country. What happened?

    3. Detroit suffered from a lose of middle class jobs, poor schools, high crime, high taxes.
      The middle class fled these problems.
      The same thing is happening in Chicago. What services do you get for your high taxes? Is your neighborhood safe? Do you have good schools?
      Yet you tolerate this and keep voting on the same clowns.
      I have a beautiful 4 bedroom house in a great neighborhood. My kids walk to school. Very safe. My property taxes are $2400 a year.
      What do you get for your high taxes? Gotta go....gonna take my dog for an evening walk. I am not worried about being a crime victim.