Monday, June 22, 2015

SPIN OUT: Boystown Bar Mogul Says Someone Robbed His Pride Fest Beer Tent

This weekend's Pride Fest street party took a not-so-prideful turn for the owner of several Boystown bars.

Mark Liberson, owner of Halsted Street mainstays Hydrate, Replay, Halsted's Bar & Grill, and Elixir told his Facebook friends that someone "robbed" the Halsted's Bar & Grill beer tent at Pride Fest during a Saturday rain storm.

It's not clear if tent workers were actually robbed or if the incident was more of a theft.

Either way, the beer tent wasn't the only scene of "not nice" behavior:

In addition to two reports from people who said they were jumped or battered by offenders who took their phones on Saturday, these incidents were reported to police in our neighborhood:


2:01AM — A man is "sliced" by his knife-wielding domestic partner at Belmont and Halsted. Victim is taken to Illinois Masonic Medical Center.

2:39AM — Man flags down police outside of Sluggers bar, 3540 N. Clark, to report that he had been robbed. Police give him a ride home to Evanston.

4:56PM — A CPD traffic unit reports finding a man bleeding severely from his face about 100 yards west of the police station on Addison.

11:32PM — Caller reports hearing a man calling for help as another man and woman are "bashing him into the ground" in the 600 block of Roscoe.


1:53AM — Man reports that his friend's phone has just been stolen. 3700 block of Halsted. The victim agrees to walk to the station to file a report. Recorded by police as a purse snatching in case HY309398.

4:47AM — St. Joseph's Hospital calls 911. They have a robbery victim in their emergency room.
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