Monday, June 29, 2015

PRIDE?: Two Stabbed, Others Robbed In Post-Parade Mayhem; 52 Arrests

Knots of crime scene tape remain on Aldine Avenue near Broadway.
NOTE: Updated with official arrest count at 11:55AM June 29.
Two people were stabbed and at least two others were robbed during post-Pride Parade mayhem in the Boystown area Sunday night and early Monday morning.

CWB estimates that 17 people were arrested while the parade was in progress and at least 20 more were arrested in the hours following the event. (Late Monday,  Chicago police announced that they made 52 arrests in connection with the Pride Parade,  a 20% increase over last year,  according to the Windy City Times. )

The first stabbing took place around 11PM Sunday near 1030 Belmont. A 24-year-old man told police that a stranger stabbed him multiple times and then ran away. The victim went to Weiss Hospital under his own power and his condition was stabilized. Hospital staff summoned police to take a report around 12:30 this morning. No one is in custody.

Thirty minutes after the first stabbing, another 24-year-old man was stabbed three times during an altercation at Halsted and Aldine. The victim fled and hid near dumpsters behind an apartment building one block away. An ambulance took the victim to Illinois Masonic Medical Center where his condition was also stabilized.

On the robbery front, a man was robbed at gunpoint by two offenders in the 1200 block of Newport shortly before 1 o’clock this morning. The victim described the attackers as one black man in his mid-20’s with a light complexion who had facial hair and wore a blue hoodie with baggy pants. The second person is described as a six-foot-tall man dressed as a woman. The pair displayed a small semi-automatic handgun and escaped with the victim’s wallet and phone.

The next robbery was reported around 1:45AM in the 3400 block of Sheffield. There, witnesses reported that at least one man was robbed by a group of offenders.

Organizers' promises of a shortened event fell flat as the parade lasted more than 4-1/2 hours from start to finish.

Here are the “highlights” of the Pride Parade taken from Chicago Police Department radio traffic.   NOTE: THIS IS NOT AN EXHAUSTIVE LIST OF ACTIVITY, ONLY SELECT INCIDENTS. SOME WERE CHOSEN TO INFORM, OTHERS TO ENTERTAIN. 

10:46AM — Smoke has completely filled Melrose Restaurant at Melrose and Broadway. The smoke began pouring through vents after roofing contractors departed. The small fire is ruled accidental and Melrose is operating normally hours later.

11:30AM — Oh, hey! We’re missing barricades along the parade route on Diversey and Clark.

11:44AM — A car with an “elderly driver” just ran into the barricades at Broadway and Surf. (Remember this for later.)

11:48AM — First EMS run of Pride 2015: A woman having an allergic reaction to peanuts.

Image: @kristinw_12
11:55AM — “The crowd is controlling the [access] gates. We need officers controlling the gates,” opines the deputy police chief who’s charge of the CPD’s parade operation.

12:02PM — The first parade unit has entered the route. (The parade will not end for another 4 hours and 40 minutes.

12:06PM — Battery in progress at Halsted and Cornelia per officers on-scene.

12:08PM — Trivia: 206 vehicles have been ticketed and towed from the parade route. Their destination: A city impound lot over six miles away. Happy Ubering!

12:38PM — Traffic aide having labor pains on the route.

1:13PM — One hour and eleven minutes after it began, the first parade entry is crossing the finish line. (But the last float won't pass this point for another 3+ hours.)

1:16PM — “The group with the motorcycles just caused a 2-block gap [in the parade]. Have the parade marshals get ‘em moving!”

1:23PM — EMS to Halsted and Waveland for the “highly intoxicated male falling all over everybody.” Female passed out. Montrose/Broadway. Man down. Buckingham/Halsted. 30-year-old man down. Montrose/Broadway. And NOW, a woman’s unconscious at Buckingham and Halsted.

1:33PM — “The parade’s over [at Montrose and Broadway] and civilians are taking over the street!”

1:35PM — Never mind. Those aren’t civilians. It’s just the rest of the parade. (The parade will not end at Montrose and Broadway until 3:13PM.)

1:44PM — Protesters within the parade stage a “die in” at Addison and Halsted, blocking the parade path. Police estimate 25 protesters are involved.

1:49PM — Protesters are given their first order to disperse.

1:52PM — Six protesters who did not disperse are taken into custody. Parade continues.

2:05PM — One arrest for battery. 4200 Broadway.

2:07PM — Two arrests. 611 Briar.

2:14PM — EMS to Clark/Diversey for the female passed out by the porta-potties.

Image: Daily Mail
2:20PM — Officers need help with the crowd. Broadway and Belmont.

2:23PM — Officers need help controlling the crowd. 3100 block of Broadway.

2:35PM — Two arrests for battery at Diversey and Pine Grove.

2:40PM — Oh, hey! Remember that car that drove into barricades at Broadway and Surf this morning? Well, it’s now driving up the parade route from Addison. Police and fire personnel are trying to stop it. One cop and one EMS worker are slightly injured. FULL STORY HERE. (UPDATE JUNE 29: VIDEO OF MAN BEING TAKEN INTO CUSTODY HERE)

2:48PM — Broadway and Wellington for the “woman who popped a knee.”

2:50PM — Overdose. 4300 Broadway.

3:03PM — “Man fell and broke his nose.” Montrose/Broadway.

3:50PM — Tell the street sweepers to “just do a cursory sweep…it doesn’t have to be sparkling clean.”

3:59PM — Chief: “HOLD THE STREET!” Don’t let civilians take over the street after the parade.  Someone who knows what’s up: “There’s not enough police to hold the street!”

4:00PM — Dispatcher (looking at camera footage): “Oh, my. They really DID take the streets over.”

4:01PM — 15th arrest made.

4:16PM — 16th arrest. Halsted/Briar.

4:27PM — Officer reports  a bunch of  “young people doing drugs in the porta-potties” behind Circle K. Addison/Halsted.

4:38PM — People having sex by the garbage bins. 918 Montrose.

4:42PM — The last float has crossed the finish line! Viewing the entire parade at this location would have been a 3-hour, 29-minute ordeal.

4:43PM — 17th arrest. 3607 Fremont.

4:44PM — #18. Halsted and Waveland.

4:47PM — Oh, hey, car #9213? Yeah, you’re parked in the parade route. Thx.

4:51PM — Chief: “Streets and San has to get moving. They ABSOLUTELY must get moving."

4:59PM — A woman is getting ready to taze her friends at Newport and clark. Followed by a report of teen girls fighting

Trash is strewn across the Sherwin Williams parking lot this morning.
5:02PM — Looks like the woman with a Taser lost. Send an ambulance. She has a head injury. Arrest #19.

5:14PM — Helicopter estimates 400 people partying in the Sherwin Williams parking lot.

5:17PM — Huge fight reported by officers. Belmont and Sheffield. Send more cars.

5:25PM — Send EMS, 39XX Janssen. “What you got over there?” “Drunk people.”

5:30PM — People throwing bottles at the street sweepers. Roscoe/Halsted.

5:31PM — Cops assigned to cite bars for overcrowding whip one out at Circuit Nightclub, 3641 Halsted.

5:46PM — 19th district has no officers to handle calls for help. A “RAP”—meaning Radio Assignments Pending-is declared. Good luck if you need help!

5:51PM — #20. Halsted/Briar.

6:02PM — Among calls waiting for police to become available: threatening suicide; domestic battery; assault in progress; another threatening suicide; and an assist the police officer.

6:04PM — Police "overcrowding" detail says they're citing D.S. Tequila.

Actual sailor may vary. (Amazon)
6:14PM — 21.

6:24PM — EMS going to Aldine and Lake Shore Drive for the intoxicated Middle Eastern man in a sailor hat.

6:46PM — Large group of teens fighting at Barry and Halsted. They have pepper spray.

6:56PM — 22.

6:59PM — One of those threatening suicide calls from an hour ago is finally being dispatched.

6:59PM — Double-Play! “We have a battery offender who’s passed out” in the police lock-up.

7:03PM — “They’re throwing rocks at us!”—Cop at Dunkin Donuts parking lot. Belmont/Clark.

7:09PM — #23.

7:48PM — #24 and #25 arrested at Clark and Belmont.

8:10PM — At least 29 calls for police service are waiting for officers to become available. Here’s audio of the dispatcher reading ‘em out.

8:19PM — 3 male whites wearing top hats trying to climb into a trash chute.

8:35PM — Intoxicated woman fell into a plate glass window and shattered it at Spex eyeglasses, 3760 Broadway. She left the scene.

8:44PM — “Send those units to Roscoe and Halsted. We got to keep pedestrians moving.”

8:52PM — #26. Obstructing police.

8:53PM — We need the bikes at Belmont and Halsted!

8:53PM — Twitter message to CWB: “Quite the gathering at Circle K on Halsted/Addison. Probably 100-150 kids dancing... On cars. Can't believe police aren't breaking this up.”

9:03PM — “I’m taking a couple of teams to the Circle K.”

9:05PM — Dispatcher: “Large disturbance at Roscoe and Halsted.” Officer: “It’s not a disturbance. It’s just a huge crowd and we’re trying to move ‘em!”

9:18PM — For the second year in a row, the street lights go out along a quarter-mile stretch of Halsted Street in Boystown.

9:37PM — Transport needed for arrests at Belmont and Clark. “A mass arrest car would be good.” Arrests #27+

9:39PM — Battery in progress. Taser involved. Cornelia and Elaine.

9:42PM — Battery in progress inside Starbucks. Clark and Belmont.

9:49PM — #28. Halsted and Roscoe.

9:50PM — Diversion: “Security at the Sonic [in Uptown] is holding an offender at gunpoint for threatening to blow his brains out.”

9:52PM — #29.

10:03PM — Roscoe’s Tavern is holding a female for stealing a purse or credit cards. She becomes #30 (at least).

10:22PM — Officers arrest three for unlawful use of a weapon and reckless conduct. Arrestee numbers 31, 32, and 33.

10:24PM — The 7-Eleven clerk says he’s closing his store because people keep stealing his beer, but he needs police to help.  911 operator reports a “loud disturbance” in the background. 1024 Belmont.

10:43PM — 34.

10:55PM — 19th district Executive Officer: “We’re taking all of the teams from Montrose [pride festival] and we’re going to walk down [Halsted] and get all of ‘em on the sidewalks. Keep ‘em moving. No loitering.”

10:58PM — Officers report widespread, multiple fights in progress at Roscoe and Halsted. “We don’t have enough police here” says one, “we got multiple batteries in progress, not just one!”

11:00PM (approximately) — Man stabbed near 1030 Belmont.

11:02PM — Officer at Roscoe and Halsted: “You can slow [responding officers] down, but we’re gonna need more guys and gals over here to get this shit cleared up.”

11:05PM — “Are you near Roscoe and Halsted? Can you come back and take Scott, too? He got maced, too.”

11:06PM — Police close traffic on Halsted from Addison to Belmont.

11:22PM — 3318 Halsted for group fighting in the street. Another fight 1004 Addison. Fight in the street at Buckingham and Halsted. “A bunch of fights” at Halsted and Melrose per an officer on-scene. #35 gets picked up in this mess.

11:26PM — Need more cars in the alley at Aldine and Halsted.

11:31PM — Officer: “I got flagged down with info that there may be a possible shooting in a little bit at [Halsted street bar].” “Units use caution in that area.”

11:33PM — Person stabbed. He’s in the alley at 606 Aldine.

11:41PM — “All CPD. We need to form a line on Aldine and Halsted.”

11:42PM — BIG fight at the CTA bus turn-around. Halsted/Belmont. Officers call for more cars.  #36 is arrested.

11:55PM — “Tell those units at the Belmont Red Line that they got a lot of people coming their way.”

12:06AM — We need more officers NOW at Belmont and Wilton. Fights on the street.

12:08AM — More cars! Belmont and Sheffield.

12:19AM — #37 at Belmont and Clark. #38 at Belmont CTA station.

12:20AM — #39 gets tazed by police at the Belmont Red Line station.

12:24AM — “A man punched a woman in the face and knocked her out.” Diversey/Broadway. She’s taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital via ambulance.

12:25AM — Police are closing all bars and liquor stores.

12:47AM — Man robbed. 1200 block of Newport.

12:53AM — Men throwing bottles at each other. Broadway/Belmont.

1:24AM — 510 Belmont: Five people climbing the pole out front, trying to steal the Pride banner.

1:46AM — Robbery in progress, 3400 block of Sheffield.

4:13AM — Eight men beating on one. School and Clark. Victim taken to Masonic.
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