Tuesday, June 09, 2015

NOT LADYLIKE: Woman Charged With Attempted Robbery On Boystown Strip

A woman who received probation after pleading guilty to a suburban robbery in December 2013 is now charged with attempted robbery on Boystown’s Halsted strip. And one of her co-defendants in the suburban robbery is a man who has made regular appearances in CWB stories this year.

McDowell (Cook Co. Sheriff's Dept)
Police say Denise McDowell, 20, “forcefully bumped” a 21-year-old Lincolnwood man and tried to take his money and cellphone near Halsted and Aldine.

McDowell received 2 years probation in the suburban robbery case. She managed to make it through 17 of those months without being accused of robbery again.

Bail is set at $70,000. McDowell is due back in court next week.

Suburban Case

According to a 2013 report in the Oak Park-River Forest Patch:
Three Chicago residents face robbery and mob action charges after they robbed an Oak Park girl on Ridgeland Avenue. 
The girl was walking with friends in the 0-100 block of North Ridgeland Avene around 3:30 p.m. when she noticed three or four people following them, police said. 
Denise McDowell, 18, of Chicago, grabbed the girl's iPhone while Brian Conner, 20, of Chicago, and Edmen Williams, 23, of Chicago repeatedly told the girl to, "let it go," police said. 
The offenders ran toward the Ridgeland CTA station, where they were arrested. They were each processed on robbery and mob action charges, police said. 
Conner also received two years probation in the case. So far this year, Conner has been charged with aggravated assault with a knife at the Center on Halsted; assault at the Center on Halsted; and shoplifting at the Boystown Jewel-Osco.

The two Center on Halsted cases were thrown out when the victims failed to show up in court. And Judge Marvin Luckman threw out the shoplifting case.  Conner's probation in the robbery case ends in mid-December.
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  1. Nice of her to wear pin stripes, save cook county a jail uniform? every penny counts...

  2. So they previously ganged up on robbed a young girl, yet they got no jail time???

  3. Thanks for noting it was Judge Luckman who failed us yet again. Maybe someone can start keeping track of how many $hitheads he lets out to roam among the law-abiding citizenry.

  4. You get probation for attempted robbery? Really? I mean what's the point of cops trying to catch them at that point.

  5. How can you thank the judge for nothing if no one shows up to court? You have to understand that when the victim never shows up or do not press charges what can the courts do? It is a sad cycle here. On one end you got police officers who will not show up to a crime unless you are seriously hurt. Then on the other end a lot of these people don't want to take time away from their life to show up in court. Granted the prosecutor process is length in some cases. There are multiple continuous due to the change of public defenders or even prosecuting attorneys. When it comes to crime in Chicago it is very disheartening because it feels as if nothing will ever be done.

  6. Who wants to bet Judge Luckman lives in a gated community?

    1. Pretty sure he lives in a Gold Coast high rise with a doorman.

  7. This piece of shit Conner stood across the street while his loser friends attempted to steal liqour.Conner was on his cell phone as a look out.Its just a matter of time you fucking loser before you go back to jail with a foot in your ass!

  8. Judges are a disgrace! They need to refund their $175,000 salary to taxpayers. How dare judges be so easy on criminals, releasing them to prey on the public. Judges need to be exposed.