Saturday, June 27, 2015

MAMMA MIA!: Uptown Pizza Deliveryman Robbed (But His Boss Says Crime Is Down)

During this spring’s aldermanic run-off election in Uptown, the owner of Papa Ray’s Pizza & Wings starred in a “crime is down” ad piece for incumbent alderman James Cappleman.

“My profits are up over 20%,” Matthew Villareal beamed.

Those profits will be down slightly after one of Villareal’s delivery drivers was robbed of cash and several pizzas Friday night.

A witness reported seeing four men in hoodies mugging the delivery driver in the 800 block of Agatite at 10:35 last night. The Papa Ray’s manager called 911 when the driver returned to the store.

The driver described the robbers as five black men. One was over 6-feet tall, had dreadlocks, and wore a red shirt. One of the other men had a striped shirt.

In November 2013, two men were shot outside of Papa Ray’s front door.
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  1. I stopped ordering food from Papa Ray's when I saw that ad stroking Cappelman. I have vowed to never spend a cent there again. Besides, I've heard the kitchen is crawling with rats and roaches.

  2. Good to know. I keep getting takeout menus in my mailbox from papa rays. Considered trying it out, but surely will not now. What a tool.

  3. "The kitchen is crawling with rats and roaches," is an unfounded rumor. The kitchen would need to be inspected to determine if it is true.

    1. It passed inspection in return for endorsing Cappelman.