Saturday, June 27, 2015

MAMMA MIA!: Uptown Pizza Deliveryman Robbed (But His Boss Says Crime Is Down)

During this spring’s aldermanic run-off election in Uptown, the owner of Papa Ray’s Pizza & Wings starred in a “crime is down” ad piece for incumbent alderman James Cappleman.

“My profits are up over 20%,” Matthew Villareal beamed.

Those profits will be down slightly after one of Villareal’s delivery drivers was robbed of cash and several pizzas Friday night.

A witness reported seeing four men in hoodies mugging the delivery driver in the 800 block of Agatite at 10:35 last night. The Papa Ray’s manager called 911 when the driver returned to the store.

The driver described the robbers as five black men. One was over 6-feet tall, had dreadlocks, and wore a red shirt. One of the other men had a striped shirt.

In November 2013, two men were shot outside of Papa Ray’s front door.
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