Sunday, June 28, 2015

LAKEFRONT: 6 Arrested, Gun Recovered After Saturday Melee

At least six people are in custody and one gun has been recovered after a wild melee broke out near the lakefront baseball fields and tennis courts in the 3700 block of Recreation Drive on Saturday.

Police responded to the area, which is a popular hangout for gangbangers, around 9:10PM after multiple callers reported a man with a gun and people fighting on the lakefront rocks and the tennis courts.

One caller reported that a Hispanic man put a gun to his face and took his wallet near the landmark clock tower. Others reported that the man was throwing bottles and shooting them. At least one car window was shattered.

Officers recovered one firearm and rounded up several offenders, but up to 15 others—including one armed with a gun—escaped on foot and by vehicle.

Police later arrested a man who matched the description of the second gunman at 3800 N. Lake Shore Drive. The second weapon was not immediately recovered.

One man is facing weapons charges while four other men and one woman are expected to be charged with battery.

On July 6 of last year, two people were shot in a late night gang-related incident near the Rec Drive tennis courts.
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  1. The alderman needs to gate recreation drive in the evenings. No entry/exit after 9:00. That would shut it down immediately. These "people" aren't from the neighborhood - and the outer lot at recreation is gated when the park closes anyway, so two more gates and the same policy takes care of the problem.

    1. Exactly. All the signs say that the park is closed at 11:00pm. Enforce the rules, please.

  2. Goddammit....... TUNNEY!!!!!!!!!!
    I apologize (to readers) in advance, but listen here you chicken-shit coward....why the hell aren't you out in front of this issue.
    No statements. No action plan. No leadership. NOTHING except a bunch of mealy mouth bullshit...some, including me would say 'outright lies'.....about leading the charge and getting additional officers for the 019.
    ROT. B.S.
    Why in the hell do you not attempt, sheesh man at least attempt, to redeem yourself? Take a stand here. DO something besides constructive loitering
    WHY NOT???

    1. Why should he? The voters knew how useless he was before the election and they overwhelmingly voted for him. Enjoy!

    2. Anonymous @ 5:36 PM
      Fair point, well made.
      I wrote the post to which you responded. And you're really correct.
      Cripes how depressing.