Sunday, June 14, 2015

GUTTER BALL: Gunman Robs Bowling Alley, Gets Cheese Fries (And Felony Charges)

At least he'll have something to laugh about in prison.

A man faces weapons and robbery charges after netting a $3 order of cheese fries during a stick-up at Waveland Bowl, 3700 N. Western, shortly before 11 o'clock Saturday night.

And, according to the bowling alley's web site, that $3 price tag includes tax.

A suspect was arrested in the 2100 block of Addison after a short foot pursuit. A weapon was recovered nearby. CPD case HY300143.
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  1. I'll bet he'll say he was "framed". He's hoping he'll be "spared" a jail sentence. If he does go to jail he'll trade his butt for a Lucky "Strike".

  2. What an idiot. If you're going to hold up a bowling alley...go for cheese fries and those cool shoes!!!

    1. It always amazes me when the dollar stores are robbed too.