Wednesday, June 10, 2015

GONE TO RIO: Boat Burglary Suspect Found In North Side Motel

A 24-year-old fugitive whose Cook County Jail release papers were found onboard a burglarized boat in Diversey Harbor last week is back in custody.

Mikkelson cleaned up his look while he was on the lam.
Terry Mikkelson Jr was taken into custody by a Cook County Sheriff fugitive apprehension unit Tuesday. He's being held without bail.

As CWB reported last week, Mikkelson frequented our neighborhood and has listed local youth shelter The Crib as well as the Howard Brown Health Center as his home address on arrest reports.

Deputies found Mikkelson at the Rio Motel, 6155 N. Lincoln, yesterday morning. For those unfamiliar with the Rio, its mirrored ceilings are consistently mentioned as its best feature in online reviews.

Mikkelson had been on electronic monitoring as he awaited the outcome of a Lakeview burglary case. He missed a court appearance last Wednesday and his jail papers were found on the Diversey Harbor boat early Friday morning. An escape charge was filed within hours.

Mikkelson had not been charged in the boat burglary as of Wednesday morning.
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