Tuesday, June 16, 2015

GLASS HOLES: Blackhawks Victory Brings 20+ Detained; At Least 2 Robbed; Police Vehicles Damaged In Wrigleyville

Well, that was different.

Only one storefront window was broken in the overnight Stanley Cup victory party on the streets of our neighborhood—at a mattress store, of all things.

But at least two—and possibly more—persons were robbed in the area, including one who was mugged at Sheffield and Oakdale, steps from the scene of a murder that stemmed from a cell phone robbery late last month. That is the second robbery near the murder scene in two days.

And, while storefront windows escaped largely unscathed, the windows of police vehicles were not so lucky. Eight police units were intentionally damaged during the after party, mostly on Addison and Eddy west of Clark Street.

As for the arrests, CWB's best early estimate is that 23 people were taken into custody here--the majority for battery, battery to police, or reckless conduct. (UPDATE 5:03PM—The Chicago Police Department just issued the official arrest count. It's 25.)

Here's the minute-by-minute Blackhawks victory party action from local police radio and on-scene reports:

Penalty box: A reveler is ejected from Clark Street by Chicago Police
7:51PM — Ka-Ching! Vice unit issues the first license violation of the night. 3300 block of Clark.

8:04PM — Ka-Ching! Ka-Ching! “Start issuing tickets to all of the cars that are still parked on Clark, Addison, and Sheffield.”

8:11PM — Ka-Ching! Ka-Ching! Ka-Ching! Vice unit cites another bar. 3400 block of Clark.

9:01PM — Dude. The game ain’t even over. EMS arrives for a man too drunk to walk. 3464 Clark.

9:06PM — Gentle reminder broadcast to officers: “Do NOT park your squad cars on Clark Street!”

9:48PM — Order: No more civilians are to enter Clark Street between Addison and Newport.

Lights out!
9:53PM — HAWKS WIN. Here’s how the news was broadcast to police: LISTEN.

10:07PM — One arrest. 3451 Sheffield. “Take arrestees to the arrest van at Roscoe and Sheffield.”

10:51PM — Street lights go out on Clark Street. Remarkably little happens before they come back on one minute later.

11:04PM — Ambulance for guy who can’t walk. 801 Addison.

11:15PM — Man climbs traffic light pole at Newport and Clark. Man comes back down. Man then resists arrest. Another man jumps in. Other man starts to choke cop. Bad decision by other man. He's arrested, too. (See video on the Chicago Tribune site HERE.)

11:35PM — Oh, hey. Remember that arrest van? Well, uh, it got hit with a bottle and can’t be driven for the rest of the night. “We’re dead in the water.”

11:40PM — “Sidewalk inspector” 801 Addison. Again.

11:45PM — Bottles being thrown at police. Addison & Clark.

11:49PM — Still throwing bottles at police.

11:57PM — Back at 801 Addison, another arrest.

11:59PM — The arrest van that can’t move is unloaded. Three men and one woman are moved to an operational vehicle for the ride to jail.

12:08AM — Bottles being thrown at police vehicles. Southport and Addison.

12:14AM — Order: “Eradicate the area” where the bottles are coming from.

12:18AM — One arrest for throwing bottles.

12:21AM — A man and a woman have arrived in handcuffs at the broken down arrest van.

The order went out to close T-shirt sales at 12:45AM.
12:30AM — Cop: "A bunch of gang bangers" are taking over the street at Racine and Eddy.  “Male Hispanics slamming our cop car.”

12:40AM — Somebody went and got themselves beat up. 3776 Clark. EMS going.

12:45AM — T-shirt vendors ordered to close.

12:52AM — Three arrested at Addison and Racine.

12:56AM — More cars to Addison and Racine. “Step it up!”

1:00AM — Keep the cars comin’ to Addison and Racine.

1:16AM — Commander reports that she’s been told that celebrants have broken a window at Sleep City, Clark and Fletcher. Her information is spot on.

1:19AM — “Hey, do you mind if we take an [evidence technician] away to do a quick photography job on a damaged squad car?"

1:27AM — Tactical sergeant: “We got criminal damage to our vehicle!”

1:34AM — “I dunno if he’s on drugs or highly intoxicated, but he needs to go to the hospital.” EMS rolls. 3800 block of Clark.

1:39AM — Hat trick! Three arrests at 919 Roscoe.

1:42AM — At Kenmore and Barry, a man says two black men took his phone. One is being detained, the other fled southbound in a vehicle. Witnesses note the license plate number.

1:48AM — Cab driver beaten at 1410 Addison, officer says. Ambulance rolling.

1:49AM — “A male white stole a statue” from Southport and Iriving.

1:51AM — Another cop car damaged. 1122 Addison.

1:53AM — Robbery at Sheffield and Oakdale (scene of a recent robbery/murder and a similar robbery on Sunday morning). Man reports that two black men approached him from behind and one hit him with brass knuckles. The offenders flee in a vehicle with the same license plate number as the 1:43AM incident. Case HY302949.

2:04AM — SWAT sergeant reports that three of his unit's cars have been vandalized. 1124 Eddy.

2:09AM — Concerned citizen reports hooligans firing off a “car trunk full of fireworks” at Roscoe and Sheffield.

2:20AM — Patrick had a disagreement with his girlfriend at Clark and Belmont. Then, she tried to bite his finger off.

2:34AM — SURPRISE! It turns out that evidence technicians have been watching video feeds of the night’s festivities and they’re now matching up the footage with arrest reports.

2:41AM — Tactical sergeant: “Hey! We got one of our [car] windows shattered.”

3:14AM — Man calls police from his home in Lincoln Park to report that he got beat up and robbed of his phone in Wrigleyville tonight.

3:18AM — EMS going to Broadway and Aldine for a man down. Male. White. Wearing a Blackhawks jersey.
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  1. Overall a great job done by CPD.

    1. Agreed. Closing off Clark to outsiders as the game ended was a brilliant move. Plenty of restraint, even when bottles were flying their way. Well done.

    2. CPD did a great job! but they did close off Clark to EVERYONE, not just outsiders. I could not go home even though I lived half block away and have valid driver's license, got caught up in horse clearing maneuver. Perhaps they were protecting those multimillion dollar$ bars. the1stmikec

    3. Except it created a lot of activity along Belmont with people heading towards Clark St. celebrations and getting turned away.

  2. Halsted was a shit storm, a total shitstorm. Not. One. Police. Officer. All. Night. Long.

    1. When was this? Walked down Halsted between Belmont and Addison around 10:30 and midnight, both times it was pretty sparsely populated.

    2. I did see one guarding the Circle K, but that was it.

    3. Sparsely populated? You must have been on the wrong street. It was bumper-to-bumper traffic.

    4. I was on Halsted near Roscoe from about 12 to 3 and it was pretty crazy up until about 2am. I did see a few police cars roll by. No one seemed to be causing trouble, just excited drunks celebrating.

    5. I watched the game at Roscoes, there were about 20 people in there and no one on the streets, we left with about 8 mins left in the game to go to Clark street.

  3. Southport and Addison was much worse than it was in 2013. Crowds more aggressive, damaging passing cars, street brawls, throwing bottles and cans at police vehicles. Pretty shameful behavior.

  4. Who are these idiots? Stay home!

  5. I was so relieved that the Cubs game was rained out. I was supposed to be there! It would have been terrifying to leave the stadium and enter that snake pit. Instead, I happily watched the Hawks from my local dive bar, safely away from that area. Saw the crush of people on TV.....I would freak out if I was in the middle of that mob!

    Great job by police. Sorry you have to deal with so many idiots. I don't understand why people become violent while celebrating their team's victory. Such odd, savage behavior.

    1. Why do they become violent? Alcohol.

  6. The hits just keep coming for Lake view. One week from Sunday is going to be a doozie

  7. How many Officers were hurt? I pray they are all ok. Congrats to the idiots that do not know how to be adults you have caused literally 10s of thousands of dollars between damage and cleanup. Please keep pride clean and safe.

  8. Thank you, CPD! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  9. Last night from 10pm on there were 4 helicopters over Lakeview.
    Hard to tell, but it looked like they were over sheffield between diversey and addison

    1. Pretty sure those were mostly TV copters, given the multiple aerial shots on the stations.

    2. Newscopters

  10. Pretty sad people can't have a few drinks, enjoy the game, celebrate merrily and go home. I don't get what breaking a window does to heighten the pleasure.

    1. After a few drinks and a fun game I generally want company or to go home and sleep. In all my years of epic drinking I've never thought "hey let's go smash stuff."

    2. In all my years of epic drinking I've never thought "hey let's go smash stuff."
      Well said....and I completely agree with your comment. I especially like the "epic drinking" comment. Hilarious. : )

  11. People were apparently climbing utility poles trying to rip down the ADDISON street signs as well. Hey....lowlifes? Kindly get out of our neighborhood.

    1. They are! They've moved over to Wicker Park to mature and flip around the street signs and one-way signs like teenagers. The obvious former No Turn On Red sign at Damen/Milwaukee is totally covered in stickers that we found here and there back in the 60s and 70s. It's really, really cool there now too.

  12. You get the neighborhood you asked for! Lakeview. Worlds biggest bar.

    1. Ignorant comment, what makes you think Lakeview asked for this? I would say 99% of those “fans” were not from Lakeview. the1stmikec

    2. Lakeview in the 1970's? "One" windowless dive bar on the corner of Clark & Addison called "The Cubby Bear!" Lakeview in the 2000's? Too many bars to name! Need I say more?

  13. I think there was one one-hundredth the problems that there were when the Bulls won. Quite a tame crowd in general and I'm sure the parade downtown will go a million times better than the impending nightmare gay parade y'all are having...good luck with that!

  14. I dont do crowds like that - Not even lalapalooza anymore.

  15. CWB, they were bragging.on WBBM today about how they hit upwards of 100mph to get that Stanley Cup there on time due to weather delays. Are we gonna talk about this or just the mayor's entourage running red lights?

    Any drunk bicylclist sports fans wanna chime in about this?

  16. I saw idiots throwing bottles at the horses. The police should have gone 1960s on those idiots.