Wednesday, June 03, 2015

FOR THE RECORD: Police Memo Reveals 46 Pride-Related Arrests in 2014 (And in 2013, too)

As the 2015 Chicago Pride Parade approaches, many media outlets continue to publish incorrect information about the number of Pride-related arrests that have been made in recent years.

"A handful" or "eight" arrests or "minimal" arrests.

So, just for the record,  here's a Chicago Police Department memo that lays out the real numbers.
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  1. and for the record as well. it is the gay pride parade. with all the rancor nationally over the last few years why is this title being shortened?

    1. Incorrect. It is NOT called the gay pride parade. It is called the Chicago ## Annual Pride Parade We refer you to the official site:

  2. I wonder if we could ask people tell the complete truth here.
    That is: 'There were 276 incidents that required police involvement with persons, including 46 arrests'.
    Those 230 ANOVs weren't friendly encounters with folks who were welcome guests in our neighborhood. Each one had an officer involved, dealing with someone who was drinking or pissing in public, or indecently exposing themselves, or 'tagging' property, or smoking pot, or otherwise being an ass-hat.
    So again, it's 276 incidents of police-involved-with-persons, including 46 arrests.

    This is important for the level of law enforcement oversight. Let's say it takes 15 minutes to write one ANOV ticket. That's 57.5 hours doing only those. Maybe it takes 30 minutes to make an arrest. (That's a gift, considering paperwork, transport etc etc.) We've got 23 hours there. Grand total is 87.5 hours. So on average, each of those 90 officers will be off-line (excluding breaks etc.) for an hour.

    Thanks very much for the real story on this and so much more CWB guys.

    1. 230 ANOV's in 2014 vs 10 in 2013?

      Still, 276 incidents police dealing with fucktards is way, way too many.

    2. ^^...Jeepers...that's my damn typo.
      As anybody with .5 x brain already saw, the total is 80.5 person-hours, not 87.5.
      My mistake for not proofreading.
      Bad form. Sorry guys.
      Fortunately, the point remains the same.

  3. Well done CWB!! On a similar note. I know it's not your area but, I wonder if you could show the stats for past Lollapalooza events? I never hear one bad thing said about it from the media but, there have got to have been some heinous things going on!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Unfortunately, we do not have information on Lolla.

    2. I would kind of like to see this too - I know CWB is swamped and they're doing kickass work on this blog and don't have bandwidth for more. It would be interesting to see the amount of police interactions (ANOVs/arrests/etc) for all city parades and large events.