Wednesday, June 03, 2015

EMAIL: After Troubled Weekend, Tunney Calls For More Cops

Alderman Tom Tunney's office has sent an email to residents who expressed concern over this past weekend's homicide as well as the community's public safety force in general. Here is the text of that email:
Alderman Tunney has spoken to Supt. McCarthy's office about how imperative it is that we receive more police manpower in the 19th District.
He has formally asked for a deployment operation to be assigned to our area every weekend on the midnight shift to supplement our 19th District entertainment detail.
He has also asked to have a permanent Mass Transit Police Detail assigned to the Belmont 'L' station every weekend from 10:00pm-5:00am for the safety of our residents and visitors.
Our office continues to work with the Chicago Police Department and neighbors to do more to keep our community safe.
I encourage you to join us in attending the CAPS meeting tonight at 7:00pm at the 19th District (850 W. Addison) to discuss further safety strategies and concerns. 
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