Sunday, June 28, 2015

BOYSTOWN: 4 Arrests, Multiple Beatings As Parade Day Begins

Send up the Bat-signal.

If last night is any indication of what lies ahead for Pride Sunday, we'd better stock up on Red Bull.

Several people were beaten, a stabbing victim was found on the street, and reports of civilians playing with Tazers were widespread as Boystown prepared for today's parade.

Here's the run-down:

8:45PM - "A group of transgenders playing with Tasers" at the 7-Eleven. Roscoe & Halsted.

9:45PM — "A transgender with a long wig" playing with a Taser on the stoop of an insurance company near Scarlet Bar. 3300 block of Halsted.

11:03PM — This doesn't seem like a great idea, but what do we know? The 19th district "entertainment detail" units that are usually assigned to Halsted Street and Belmont Avenue have the night off. A pared-down entertainment detail will cover those areas as well as Wriglevyille.

12:35AM— Concerned neighbor in the 800 block of Roscoe reports a group of people in the alley "causing a ruckus. They're urinatin' and snorting'."

12:42AM — Man beaten unconscious. He's still breathing, though, so that's good. Halsted & Brompton. The man is transported to Illinois Masonic Medical Center.

12:57AM — Back at Halsted and Brompton, a flood of calls is reporting a large man beating a smaller man, apparently after a minor traffic accident. The fight grows and two arrests are made.

1:05AM — Woman hit by a car in front of Ann Sather, 907 Belmont.

1:27AM — Three men in a gray Hyundai are drinking and playing with a Taser in front of D.S. Tequila, 3352 N. Halsted.

1:38AM — Officers report "1,000 people" on Halsted Street.

2:45AM — 25 to 30 people are outside of Steamworks bath house, harassing the people inside and blocking the entrance.

3:04AM — One arrest for stealing wallets at Progress bar. Halsted and Roscoe.

4:00AM — Sergeant reports a sizable disturbance at Belmont and Sheffield.

4:17AM — Woman arrested after another dust-up at the Belmont Red Line station.

5:05AM — Passers-by find a man bleeding from a stab wound at Waveland and Broadway. Police determine that the stabbing took place at Montrose and Lake Shore Drive. The victim is transported to Weiss Hospital for treatment.
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