Tuesday, June 02, 2015

A CLEAN RECORD: Man On Parole For Shoplifting Shampoo Now Charged With Shoplifting Deodorant

Ortega (Cook Co Sheriff's Dept)
A serial shoplifter who's on parole for stuffing 14 bottles of shampoo into his pants at a Wicker Park CVS may be going back to prison after being arrested for allegedly stuffing 18 sticks of deodorant into his pants at  a Boystown CVS.

Gamalier Ortega, 32, was arrested at the store, 3101 N. Clark, on May 22. At the time of his arrest, Ortega identified himself as Israel Martinez-Munoz and explained that the large scar on his stomach was the result of being shot before he moved here from Puerto Rico.

His fingerprints told a different story and he was charged with obstructing identification. That part of the case has been dropped.

Ortega was paroled on January 6 after serving part of an 18 month sentence for the shampoo caper.

Other highlights of Ortega's court file:
• 3 months probation for shoplifting from a Logan Square Walgreens in 2011.
• 28 days for shoplifting from a Near West Side Walgreens in 2011. 
• 1 year probation for shoplifting at the Belmont and Sheffield Walgreens in 2011, violating the terms of his probation in the Near West Side Walgreens case.
• 2 years in prison for aggravated battery to a merchant during an attempted shoplifting, also at the Belmont/Sheffield Walgreens in 2011.
Bail is set at $75,000.
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