Tuesday, May 26, 2015

WHAT DO YOU WANT?: Man Beaten, Tazed In Wrigleyville Alley

Awakened by screams for help, a neighborhood man rushed to his back porch overlooking the alley of Sheffield between Roscoe and School around 2:30AM on Saturday.

The alley and parking lot of Redmond's Ale House, where Saturday's
attack unfolded. (Google)
There, he saw an "extremely violent and brutal” 2-on-1 attack unfolding.

The victim—described as a “kid” by the witness—was screaming “What do you want? What do you want???” as “two black men stood over him taking turns punching him in the face one after another.”

“I screamed, ‘get off him, get off him’ [but] they didn’t react to me at all. [Then] I screamed ‘cops, cops, cops’ and both of them looked up at me."

Then, fully aware that they were being watched, one of the attackers pulled out a Taser and zapped the victim in his chest as he lay in the alley, bleeding from his face.

“They both got off him. One sprinted to a late ‘90s Fort Taurus which was parked in the Redmond’s parking lot. He parked facing out for quick get away. The second guy calmly walked out of the alley and turned west on Roscoe into the neighborhood in no rush at all.”

Incredibly, the victim, described as a white “kid” about 5’8” tall and 160 pounds, was not robbed.

“Nothing was taken,” the neighbor told us. “He still had his wallet and phone. He said they surprised him—jumped out and grabbed him. It didn’t appear they were trying to take anything as they had ample time to do so.”

The victim was transported to Illinois Masonic Medical Center with facial injuries.

According to the witness, the attackers were in their late 20’s. Both stood 6-feet to 6-feet-2-inches and weighed 225 pounds. “They were very large men wearing black t-shirts and jeans.

Police responded quickly and in good numbers, the man told us. “Probably within 2 minutes, four cop cars showed up and an ambulance. I was very impressed.”

No arrests have been made.


Early the next morning, other witnesses reported seeing three black men chasing after another white man a few blocks away at Sheffield and Fletcher. Those neighbors told police that the victim kept falling down as the men chased him and tried to take his wallet and phone.

The men and the victim were last seen running southbound on Sheffield around 1:05AM Sunday. Police never made contact with the victim or the alleged offenders. No report was immediately filed.
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  1. Awesome. Yet another attack in my alley! I refuse to take the trash out at night.

    1. The TRASH is already out walking the streets at night!

  2. What time did this occur?

    1. 2:40AM. Thank you for pointing out our oversight. The story has been updated.

  3. This is just sickening. It reminds me when I was living in a Hyde Park apartment. I was terrified to even open the back door. I would take my garbage out the front door and dump it on my way to work. I moved so many times because of crime. I moved to the north side thinking it is safer and now some of the same crimes are taking place. Innocent people are being attacked and nothing is being done.

    1. Oh, plenty of things are being done. You and your neighbors keep voting for the same political party, that's one thing. And that political party keeps paying you lip service, that's another thing. I've posted this a few times before on here, but why doesn't Chicago try the other side of the aisle and clean things up? Look what Rudy did with NYC, for example... I keep reading that you're all "fed up with it", but you never try anything different and keep expecting your current crop of politicians to do something. They won't because they don't care about you or your well-being, clearly.

    2. Did you count his ballot? "You and your neighbors" -- Come on...

  4. And still, none dare call it "hate crime."

  5. Were there cameras in the redmonds lot that captured the plate number? Seems strange they didn't take anything.