Friday, May 01, 2015

TAKE TAKE TAKE: Burglars Continue Feeding Frenzy

Image: SF Examiner
At least five storage lockers were burglarized in the condo building at 3150 Sheffield yesterday, just one day after police issued a warning about similar break-ins through out the area. Police say the offender used force to enter the storage lockers and take residents' property.

Other burglaries reported over the past few days:
• 500 block of Aldine. Forcible entry to an apartment. Discovered Wednesday evening. 
• 3300 block of Greenview. Burglar forced his way through a window and took cash and a laptop sometime between Tuesday morning and 9:20 Thursday night. 
• 3900 block of Pine Grove. Discovered Monday. 
• 600 block of Roscoe. Rear door kicked in and property was taken. Reported last Friday morning. 
• 3100 block of Hudson. Forcible entry to an apartment. Reported April 21. 
• 3400 block of Lake Shore Drive. Unlawful entry to an apartment. Reported April 22. 
• 500 block of Oakdale. Forcible entry burglary to an apartment. Reported April 20.
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  1. Is there a blog like this for Sandburg/Gold Coast?

  2. I'm glad to say my storage locker is full of nothing but junk. I think I will leave a note on the door: "Dear Burglar, Please clean me out. Door is unlocked."

  3. Wonder if they got anything from Spiegelfogel's locker. You know, the guy who is considered Tiny Dancer's top aide that lives in the building.

  4. Don't be so hard on these crooks. They are just trying to find goods to pawn so they can pay their college tuition.