Sunday, May 03, 2015

REPEAT PERFORMANCE: Woman Targeted In Robbery Attempt On Clark Sunday

A man who tried to rob a woman near Clark and Surf this morning escaped empty handed, but a slow response by our under-staffed police district prevented a report from being filed.

The woman called for help at 5:55AM Sunday after a Hispanic man pushed her and tried to take her purse. Her attacker was said to be wearing a black long-sleeve shirt with light blue jeans.

This morning's incident is virtually identical to a similar case at the exact same location on March 14. As we reported then:
Around 3AM on Saturday, residents near Clark and Surf called police after they heard a woman screaming for help on the street. Officers found the woman who reported that a Hispanic man wearing a black jacket had just stolen her purse in the 2900 block of Clark. The offender was last seen running eastbound on Surf toward Broadway.
Police, who were in the midst of a shift change at the time of today's call, did not see the victim when they arrived about 20 minutes later.

Because no police report was filed, this incident will not be recorded in Chicago's crime statistics. Underreporting of crime is a major contributor to the reduction in Chicago's crime rate in recent years.

Victims are dissuaded from filing reports in several way, which drives statistics down. Among the ways reports are hampered by the city:
  • Reduced police staffing leads to longer responses and more victims give up on filing reports.
  • Refusal to dispatch police to many types of crimes, forcing victims to file a report via telephone (if they are willing to endure an extended hold time).
  • Re-classification of crimes from serious categories such as burglary to less serious categories such as "theft from building" or from theft to "lost property."
But homicides are up sharply this year. Dead bodies can't walk away if there's a slow response.

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  1. There is a fourth category that drives down crime statistics. It is a refusal to take a police report over the phone for certain
    types of "less important" crimes - e.g. malicious destruction of your outside property or tenants who have been illegally locked out of their apartment by the landlord performing a self eviction. Those who have had complaints filed against them and wind up on desk duty are taking these calls and will say it is a civil, not criminal, matter and then simply hang up the phone in mid sentence after verbally abusing the caller.

    1. Tampering with and/or destroying a mailbox is another.

  2. The Alderman is looking into this. LOL

  3. Good grief, yet another moron that was too much of an asswipe to file a report. I wouldn't give a shit if I had to wait for hours or go to the police station or city hall, I'd file the fucking police report and make the thug pay that violated me or my space. With idiots like this, it's no wonder the liberal clowns continue to get voted back in with healthy margins.