Tuesday, May 12, 2015

IN DENIAL: While Uptown Murders Set Record Pace, Cops Lose Authority To Disperse Gangs

Screenshot from a typical North Side gang's online video taunts.
This man, Keith Hayer (a/k/a Bang Da Hitta), was arrested shortly
after posting this video. Hayer is scheduled to be paroled on
August 28th. (Facebook)
The blood just won’t stop flowing in Uptown this year.

Of the 11 people shot there this year, five have died—more deaths at this point in the year than any time since at least 2001.

Since late March, CWB has tracked nearly 30 bona fide cases of shots fired in Uptown. In that brief time, 7 people have been shot in that neighborhood, 3 of them fatally.

One unlucky Uptown resident had bullets fly into his home twice in one week last month. Those incidents in the 4400 block of N. Malden are logged merely as “criminal damage to property” cases by Chicago police. (Cases HY227444 and HY227441)

Time For A Renewal

One tactic police use to counter street gangs is dispersal. When officers see two or more gang members loitering in an officially-designated “Hot Spot” or “High Level Gang Conflict Location,” they make contact, record the parties’ names, and tell them to disperse. The bangers are subject to arrest if they return.

“Hot Spot” and “Gang Conflict Location” designations have to be re-upped from time to time or else officers cannot legally disperse gang bangers.

Graphic showing the number of bonafide shots fired calls
recorded in Uptown since March 29. Yellow indicates a person
was shot. Red indicates a person was fatally shot.
A source this week confirmed to CWB that all gang loitering zone designations in the 19th district have lapsed, meaning that officers in Uptown may no longer run gang bangers off of the corners.

But, now that the news is out, we betcha the appropriate paperwork will get filed right quick.

Gang Bangs

Before his recent re-election, Ald. James Cappleman, who represents most of Uptown as well as parts of Wrigleyville and Boystown, claimed that there were “only two gangs” left in Uptown, a statement that’s hilarious until you realize that he actually believes it.

While several gangs continue their on-going feuds in Uptown, much of the latest violence is flowing from smaller groups that have splintered off from major factions. And the new crews don’t always respect the alliances of the old ones.

And so it goes. Just six hours after offering funeral information for
a recent Uptown murder victim, revenge is promised.
While many of the shooters and shootees are involved in narcotics, drug sales are not the primary motivator for most of the new groups. Online videos from crews like Pooh Bear Gang and Loyalty Over Cash are threatening rivals and attracting revenge. (NSFW video here.)

“The motive is hate,” one Area North gang officer told us. “I hate him, so I’m going to try to kill him. He disrespected me, so I’m gonna shoot him.”

The rivalries extend from Uptown to Rogers Park and Edgewater, areas that are also seeing an increase in shootings.


Prior to this year’s municipal elections, we called Cappleman out on his false claim of successfully getting more officers transferred into our understaffed district:

“During 2014, I fought for & got a net gain of 29 officers. We are slated for more this year as well,” he Tweeted on January 19. He would repeat that claim of “fighting for” and “getting” more cops at pre-election forums, too.

But a funny thing happened after the forums.

At an Uptown CAPS meeting last week, Cappleman claimed to be powerless to draw more cops to our district.
"I was told very clearly that it's not aldermen making requests or the public making requests. 911 calls help, arrests help. You can do all kinds of petitions [to get more officers], but that's not going to work. It's going to frustrate you."
Hmm. Well, enjoy the next four years. We get the government we deserve.
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  1. Those are Peejay Johnson's Facebook posts. He mugged Rahm's son. His brother was Boshawn, killed a couple of weeks ago (geesh...they still haven't buried that gangbanger?).

  2. Your source is wrong. 019 has no individual hot spots. The area bounded Montrose/Argyle (reaching into 020); Marine/Malden is a designated High Gang Conflict Zone by downtown and any dispersal can be made in that area. And they are. The problem is not using the dispersals for follow-up arrests when violations are observed. That is because the Corp. Counsel will not prosecute those arrests but just dismisses them. There are a lot of requirements in the law, first to issues a dispersal, then to arrest someone for violating it.

    1. Mmm. No, not wrong. We know of two that were denied yesterday alone at Broadway/Wilson.

  3. Where all the riots protest and outrage about the gang violence? Where are Sharpton and Jackson complaining saying this country has to change?

  4. What a reversal of fortune. Cappleman said he deserved reelection because he has fought for more Cops. Now, he says his requests go unnoticed and only more 911 calls and arrests (a catch 22?) will result in more Cops. Perhaps the truth,...now!

    1. Absolutely GREAT comment here.

      "Looook at all the great things I've done for you voters. Looook!
      .......oh yeah......It was all a lie.
      So don't bother asking again."
      What a tool.

  5. No worries ya'll we got a new el station on the way. That'll fix everything!

  6. Mr Bang Da Hitta looks like an ideal candidate for parol in August!!

  7. Cops actually need "authorization" to roust gangbangers? Welcome to the United States of Political Correctness!

  8. Why can they not "Disperse" these groups hanging out in Boystown?....My living room looks on to Sheffield and Belmont and you can not tell me that is a so called Hot Spot....Hanging out on that corner till 5 am and spending no money in the area.. I understand they have a right to be out and about ...But i am sure being forced to move along time after time would get tedious.....Rather than being allowed to just hang out all damn night yelling at people

  9. I live on the south side and we had to deal with these issues for years. The problem started when those community centers and midnight ministries were able to come in your area. There are people who need help but in the same breathe there are people who just want to use others. I know for a fact that the only reason crime is running rampant areas like lake view is because word has got out there is no major police protection and you can get away with 85-90 percent of your crimes because victims don't show up to court or in some cases don't press charges. The sad part about this entire thing is, it's only going to get worse. Next months pride parade will be a testament to that. These criminals are salivating at the bounty they are going to get that day, from: the i watches, phones, money and other criminal stuff. If you want change of any sorts you have to stop electing guys like Tom Tunney and Rahm Emanuel. If not in the six years the northside will be a distant memory of what it once was. Businesses will leave. I think the Clarks resteraunt closed, prepare to see more of that.