Monday, May 18, 2015

HELMONT RIDES AGAIN: Late Night Mayhem Returns For 2015

Robberies. Random attacks. Neighbors waking up to find a stranger tending to his freshly-broken leg in their back yard. These all contributed to a vibrant mix as the unmitigated criminal playground that we call Helmont neared peak performance this weekend.

One of these days, police and politicians will make a concerted effort to reclaim Belmont Avenue from the criminal droves. Right? They'll try, right?

The only logical way to tell the story of our neighborhoods' nighttime madness is by giving a play-by-play. (We've tossed in a few non-Helmont reports for variety.)


2:00AM — Sergeant sees a large fight break out at Clark and Cornelia. More cars called in to disperse the brawlers.

2:13AM — A Chicago radio reporter is robbed at knife point in Boystown. 600 block of Roscoe.

Scarlet. (
2:57AM — Group of 30 young men just chased a couple of guys into Boystown's Scarlet Bar, 3320 N. Halsted. The pack is now waiting outside for the victims to leave. Police confirm a large number of people on the street--"there’s a large group walking back and forth on this block. We'll probably get more calls."

3:26AM — Police unit requests more cars and a paddy wagon to the Belmont Red Line station for a large disturbance on the street. General mayhem unfolds along Belmont from Sheffield to Halsted.

3:31AM — Officer is flagged down by a guy who reports being threatened by a man with a handgun on Belmont between Halsted and Clark. The offender, described as a black man, 6-feet tall, 195 pounds, with short hair, dressed in all black, allegedly carries a handgun in his front waistband.

3:44AM — Officer: "We got about 100 people here on Belmont. Get some cars [to Clark and Belmont] to shag these guys."

3:49AM — All of the 19th district's foot patrol officers and "entertainment team" units are ordered to report to Belmont.

4:00AM — Ambulance requested for victim of a beating at Belmont Red Line station.

4:10AM — CTA workers at Belmont CTA station report "15 transgenders soliciting and threatening them."

4:20AM — Multiple calls to the police tip line reporting groups of men conducting open sales of narcotics at Belmont and Sheffield as well as 3500 N. Halsted.

4:37AM — Two men in hoodies chasing another man eastbound on School at Sheffield.

4:39AM — Caller reports that the man who was being chased above has been robbed. Victim tells police that he was "talking to some guy in a car" at School and Sheffield when two black men approached, removed him from his vehicle, stole his wallet, and drove off in his 2003 brown Saturn L200.

5:06AM — Officers report that the man who was robbed is "very angry. He walked away and said 'screw the police, goodbye!'"

5:12AM — Officer calls for more cars to Belmont and Wilton for a fight in progress.

5:13AM — Officer calls for officers with a Tazer to Belmont and Wilton.

5:33AM — Officer to dispatcher: "Have you gotten any calls at Belmont and Clark about a male white in a checkered shirt who's threatening to stab people?" Answer: No.

6:46AM — A victim of that 2:00AM fight at Clark/Cornelia is now hospitalized at Illinois Masonic. Battery report filed.

10:59AM — Naked man jumping out of bushes to scare people and take their pictures on the Lakefront Trail between Diversey and Belmont.

9:07PM — Man shot 4 times in Uptown. He lives.

9:09PM — A pit bull attacks and kills two other dogs on the corner of Broadway and Hawthorne.


2:32AM — Resident who lives at Belmont and Kenmore says he just woke up to find a burglar in his 3rd floor apartment. Report filed.

3:18AM — Group fighting in the street at Aldine and Halsted.

3:22AM — Large crowd in the 7-Eleven parking lot at Roscoe and Halsted. Some people in the crowd are firing off stun guns.

4:12AM — Officers witness another fight breaking out at Aldine and Halsted.

4:26AM — More cars requested at Belmont and Wilton for a fight in progress.

4:28AM — 911 callers reporting a huge fight at Belmont and Clark.

Belmont CTA station mezzanine (
4:31AM — Man reports that he's been jumped on the Belmont Red Line platform.

4:34AM — Five people fighting on the Belmont CTA station's northbound platform. Another caller says it's 8 people fighting. "They're flooding my [dispatch] board with these calls….now you got a person with a knife fighting."

4:34AM — EMS on the way for 18-year-old victim on the Belmont platform.

4:40AM — They're now fighting on the Addison Red Line platform.

4:41AM — Officer at Addison CTA station says he has located another victim from the Belmont platform melee.

4:45AM — Man being beaten up by 3 other men under the L tracks at School and Wilton.

4:50AM — Motorist reports that people are throwing rocks and other objects at vehicles driving past Belmont and Clark. Offenders are last seen running toward the Belmont CTA station. Driver pulls over and waits for police.

5:13AM — Resident who lives at School and Sheffield wakes up to find a stranger with a broken leg lying in his back yard. The leg was broken in one of the many fights mentioned above. Transported to Illinois Masonic. Report filed.

7:33AM — DISPATCHER: "[Illinois] Masonic is treating a man who says he got beat up at Belmont and Wilton." OFFICER: "Yeah. Imagine that!" Victim is unable to file a report when police arrive because he is getting a CAT scan.

7:58AM — Homeless man defecating in the Dunkin' Donuts parking lot. Clark and Belmont.
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