Sunday, May 10, 2015

DANGEROUS: Cops Shorthanded On Anniversary Of Lake View Gang Shootings

Here's what the decision to take away 27% of our neighborhood's police force has left us with:

Vallejo. (Facebook)
Despite being the 3rd anniversary of a Lake View gang murder and the first anniversary of a gang shooting at a memorial service in the same location, nearly half of the 19th district's police beats did not have officers assigned to protect them overnight Sunday.

And guess what? Shots were fired and shell casings were recovered today after an early morning North Center incident that police believe is tied to the gang rivals.

Latin Eagle gang member Max Vallejo was shot as he sat in a tow truck at Addison and Ashland around 3:40AM on May 9, 2012. He died just after midnight on May 10.

Latin Eagles who gathered at Addison and Ashland one year ago to remember Vallejo came under fire from rival Latin King gang members. One of those shots ricocheted and struck an innocent bystander in the eye as he stood outside of a local bar.

Red areas went without police patrols overnight.
Yellow areas were assigned to paddy wagons, which
are actually tied up transporting arrestees and prisoners.
Despite the rather obvious pattern, five of the 19th district police patrol areas did not have officers assigned to them overnight Sunday. Two other beats were technically assigned to the two "paddy wagons," which have little time to actually patrol anything because they're busy transporting arrestees and prisoners all night.

At 5 o'clock this morning, a man called 911 and screamed for police to come to the 3300 block of Claremont before his call got disconnected. Moments later, a resident on Claremont reported seeing 20 people fighting outside. Then, shots rang out and residents from around the area called for police.

The district managed to scrape together a dangerously lean response. Officers found two spent casings on the west side of Claremont and one spent casing and a live round on the east side of the street.

Two vehicles were seen fleeing the area which has seen a number of skirmishes between rival gangs, including Latin Kings, in recent weeks.

No one was found injured at the scene, but police were waiting to hear about "walk-ins" to area hospitals.
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  1. Great way to start off with our new commander. Looks like the same old game - nothing has changed.

  2. Which means most, if not all, police reports do not germinate. City crime stat goals are being achieved.
    Stupid Sun Times, Chi Trib, Windy City Times, and constituency believe in it as evidenced in last election.

  3. Wonderfull, Ashland, Addison, the hearts of who pays the TAXES in this city. Yet we have latin kings and eagles running them at night. Most of us are asleep and nowhere near, but its only a matter of time this spills over. A mom or dad up early at 5 AM for the Monday commute. The poor newspaper delivery guy on our block who ran into a car full of these sh## bags and got his head bashed in for his troubles. tick tock, yikes....

  4. That live round was likely the result of someones pistol jamming and he retracted the slide to clear the action and introduce another round into the chamber. Many times the live round found on the street has dents in the brass casing from being ejected without being fired. Cheap off brand pistols used by bangers are prone to malfunction. Good pistols manufactured to proper tolerances simply fire and eject spent shells with boring reliability.

  5. Maybe we should only have to pay half of our taxes. What are we getting for our tax dollars. Anyone seen the corner of Wellington, lincoln, and Southport? I would much rather have 1933 covered by police.

  6. Why are you people worried? Rahm and his family are safe. What more do you want? Quit complaining already.

  7. I always try to find the good in a story. The good news about this story is that it's a reminder that another gang member is dead.

  8. Relevant and informed comments. Thank you. Everyone in the community needs to be relentless in voicing their outrage..address their concerns and demand more attention.

  9. Just to think, six more Officers and Sergeants are retiring this year from 019 District and most will NOT be replaced!

    To hell with this city of high taxes and no services!
    We are quickly sliding back to the Wild West Days of get a weapon and protect yourselves first!

  10. How many people complaining here have actually voted for a more conservative candidate?

    1. There are no local "conservative" candidates.

  11. The blue light bar on western ave & school is a common hang out for gang menbers and its one blook over from the shooting on claremont.

    1. I thought that Blue light bar was a cop bar? .... when they closed the station at Belmont the gangs took it over? how ironic and sad.

    2. well, Blue light is joining that place on Ashland as a problem gang banger bar, the following is being sent around Roscoe Village:

      There was a large group fight that ended in gunshots at 4:45am on Sunday, 5/10, on Claremont and School. Individuals involved were likely drunk patrons from Bluelight Bar. This establishment and it's over served gang banger patrons have caused havoc throughout Roscoe Village for years. It's time to shut it down. Please send the letter below to show your support.
      Here's the letter. Send it off!
      Liquor Control Commissioner
      121 N LaSalle St
      8th Floor
      Chicago, Illinois 60602
      May 12, 2015
      To Whom it May Concern:
      This letter is an official complaint of public nuisance, pursuant to Chicago Municipal Code 4-60-190, against the Bluelight Bar, located at 3251 North Western Avenue, Chicago. The problems with the Bluelight are long standing and can no longer be tolerated by the neighboring individuals and families.
      In the past seven (7) years, there has been a dramatic escalation in the problems related to the Bluelight. Not only are residents woken every Friday and Saturday night by loud music, the patrons of the Bluelight engage in screaming fights and threats of violence, which have now escalated to gun fights, between rival groups on the neighborhood streets, regularly waking sleeping residents. This establishment breeds violence and disrespect that cannot be allowed to continue to impact the neighborhood. The change in ownership nearly two (2) years ago has not resulted in any change to the Bluelight's impact on our neighborhood.
      Our numerous attempts to resolve these issues with the proprietors of the Bluelight have failed. The Community Meeting process with the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection was a lengthy and unsuccessful waste of time and effort. Due to the continued presence and rapid escalation of violence, nuisance and property damage activities related to the Bluelight, it is now necessary to take formal action and respectfully request that the Commission permanently revoke the Bluelight’s liquor license.
      cc: Hon. Scott Waguespack