Monday, May 18, 2015

CREEPER: Naked Man Jumps From Lakefront Bushes, Takes Pix

A naked man who likes to jump out of bushes and take pictures of people added an extra splash of energy to the Lakefront Trail this weekend.

The Lakefront Trail near Diversey Harbor (Google)
The first sighting of the peeled-down perv came around 11AM Saturday from a woman who reported that the man had jumped out of a bush along the path near Diversey.

According to the woman, the completely-naked man ran up to her on the bike path, but then turned back, put his clothes on, hopped on a bike, and pedaled away.

She described the guy as a 20-something Asian.

Near Belmont Harbor about 15 minutes later, 911 callers reported seeing a naked man jumping in and out of bushes, snapping pictures of passers-by. This time, the man was described as being Middle Eastern and in his 20's. He was last seen on his bike, pedaling back toward Diversey.

Officers were unable to locate the man.

Butt But, he came back for an encore performance.

Around 9:30 Sunday morning, 911 received more calls of people being scared by a naked man who jumped out of bushes near the Lakefront Path at Belmont Harbor. Once again, police were unable to locate the man.
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