Saturday, May 02, 2015

CASH MONEY: Uptown Bank Robbed Saturday Morning

The Standard Bank and Trust at Broadway and Irving Park Road was robbed at 9:45 this morning by a man who told the teller “give me your money and nobody will get hurt.”

Witnesses say the offender fled westbound on Irving Park with about $2,500 cash in his hand. (Pro tip: Always bring a bag or other carrying vessel to your bank robbery.)

According to witnesses, the robber is a black man, possibly in his 30’s, wearing a black skull cap with white stripes, a bright red hoodie, khaki pants, and black Nikes with white soles.

No weapon was displayed. (CPD case HY243997)
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  1. Bank robberies are not something that McNewark and Rahmbo can rake under the rug.

    That is probably why Rahmbo refused National Guard troops to bolster his police headcount that he deliberately sabotaged to reduced crime metrics - he would no longer be able to fudge crime numbers.

  2. Well bank robberies are not technically a local crime... They are a federal crime.. So Rahm will just ignore that stat, he'll say it's not local..