Saturday, May 16, 2015

BALLSY: Man Tries To Rob Bank Across The Street From A Bank He Robbed Last Weekend

Updated 5/16/2016 5:56PM
The BOA robbery attempt in progress. (FBI)
A prolific bank robber returned to our neighborhood Friday afternoon and attempted to hold up a Bank of American branch less than 100 yards from the Chase bank that he robbed last weekend.

In Friday's hold-up attempt, the robber handed a demand note to a teller inside the BOA branch at Clark and Barry around 4:45PM. But, rather than giving the man cash, the teller walked to the back of the bank and the offender fled empty-handed.

Police believe The FBI has now confirmed that the so-called "Bandage Bandit," a serial bank robber who currently has a $10,000 FBI bounty on his head, made the robbery attempt.

The FBI this week confirmed that the "Bandage Bandit" is responsible for last Saturday's robbery of the Chase Bank at 3032 N. Clark, just steps from the Bank of America scene.

Yesterday's offender is described as a black man with very dark skin in his 40's. He's about 6'2" tall with a slim build and he wore a black du-rag, a white hoodie, and jogging pants.

The FBI describes the "Bandage Bandit" as "male, black, six feet tall, 45-49 years old with a medium build and dark complexion" who presented demand notes to bank tellers during the following hold-ups:

  • PNC Bank, 2154 West Madison St., 9:45 a.m. on 3/31/ 2015.
  • Chase Bank, 3101 West Cermak Rd, 9:13 a. m on 4/6/2015.
  • PNC Bank, 3337 West North Ave, 10:46 a.m. on 4/22/2015.
  • PNC Bank, 2300 North Western Ave, 9:12 a.m. on 4/28/2015.
  • Chase Bank. 3032 N. Clark St., 1:51 p.m. on 5/9/2015.

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  1. Why not? He got away with it before, right?

  2. Interesting - he only does national banks, not regional ones.

  3. This is very surprising, as this B of A branch has a security guard out front whenever they are open. Why was the security team not on notice?

  4. What is the risk? He would just get probation and time served in cook county. He better hope the Feds don't catch him he could actually get some time.

  5. Used to be that banks in inner cities were actual safer from bank robberies than the suburbs since there are fewer quick getaway options. LA has the highest number of bank robberies in the country because of the large number or freeways. But these days since few people are caught, and those who are rarely face prison time, why worry about a quick getaway??