Sunday, April 19, 2015

MUST BE THE SHOES: Walgreens Robbed By Man Armed With Hunting Knife; Shoplifters Get $1.2K At American Apparel

Police say a man entered the Walgreens at Belmont and Sheffield shortly before 10PM Friday, pulled out a hunting knife, and demanded cash from the register. He was last seen running eastbound on Belmont with about $300 of the store’s money.

Officers built a description of the offender after speaking with witnesses and reviewing surveillance video: He’s a black man with a teardrop tattoo on his right eye, 5’5” tall with a muscular build and a short haircut. He wore a plain red hoodie, light blue jeans, and $170 white and black patent leather Air Jordans. (CPD case HY226165.)

Also On Helmont

Earlier Friday evening, a crew of shoplifters stole an estimated $1,200 worth of merchandise in a raid on the nearby American Apparel store at 929 Belmont.

Store employees told police that three black male offenders fled the store and jumped into a red Volvo bearing an Illinois plate that begins with E25 or E52. They were last seen speeding eastbound on Belmont around 6:05PM.
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  1. These are good kids who almost graduated high school and their moms are proud of them. We should be too.

    1. Yes, we should cut them all some slack. After all, they were JUST turning their lifes around (by stealing from others) and you know deep down inside they are all "good boys."

  2. I'm sure they were all "survival crimes."

  3. Volvo? Must be Swedish.