Monday, April 13, 2015

JACKED: Men Robbed At Gunpoint While Working On Car In Boystown Driveway

A group of friends was robbed at gunpoint as they worked on a car
in this Boystown driveway Sunday evening, police say.
A man who claimed to have a gun robbed a group of people as they worked on a car behind an apartment building in the 500 block of Roscoe Sunday evening. One of the victims suffered head injuries after the offender pulled an object from his waistband and struck him in the head and face, police said. Other victims said the object was a handgun.

At least three people were gathered around the car when the offender approached, claimed to have a handgun, and demanded their valuables around 8:20PM, police say. The victims' screams for help prompted 911 calls from several neighbors, one of whom said the gunman escaped by running through the Roscoe Street pedestrian tunnel toward Belmont Harbor.

A CTA worker, tipped off to the offender's description, called police around 9PM to report that the gunman had just boarded a southbound train to State and Lake, but police were unable to catch up with the suspect. Detectives today reviewed surveillance footage from the Belmont platform, police said.

According to victims and witnesses, the offender is a black man in early 20's, 5'10" tall, 175 pounds, wearing a dark hoodie and red pants that are decorated with flames.

The injured victim was taken by ambulance to Illinois Masonic Medical Center in good condition. (CPD case number TBD)

Another Gunpoint Robbery In Boystown

In another Boystown robbery Sunday, a man was held at gunpoint and forced to withdraw money from an ATM near Belmont and Clark, police said. The offender in the 3:45AM hold-up is described as male, black, 6-feet-tall, and thin. He wore a black jacket or sweatshirt with white stripes or lettering on the front and was last seen running northbound on Halsted from Belmont. (CPD case HY218807)  UPDATE 4/17: Police have determined that the robbery took place at an ATM in the 3500 block of Clark.
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  1. Good God, will the violence never end?? I shudder to think of what will happen when summer is officially here. Seems the thugs are in charge now. Sad.

  2. 500 Block. These criminals have figured out they have plenty of time to escape so now they are robbing further away from the trains. No cops and this is what you get. Two robberies in the last 2 weeks where the Roscoe pedestrian tunnel is utilized and its only April.

  3. Just look at the corner of Belmont and Sheffield.....Its that time of year when all the cool kids are hanging out till 5am

    1. Why isn't 'stop and frisk' being used here? Loitering at a known drug intersection should be probable cause. I'm sure someone in the group will have drugs on them. What can we do to make these thugs go away? I'd like to be able to walk down sheffield

    2. I live at the corner of Belmont and Sheffield for the past 3 plus years..I can not even count the amount of times we have called the cops over the group of "kids" hanging out on the corner at 4am having a party...They don't spend any money in this hood... We can see them dealing drugs and the trannys turning tricks in the alley.... But every night the group returns..We have watched the cops clear the corner at least 4 times in a night...Only for the kids to just walk around the block ...We even leave the hood for pride weekend...So after over 10 years in lakeview we are moving to San Francisco

    3. Nope. Nope. Nope. Horrible "idea". Imagine if police thought "oh I'm sure that guy over there has drugs lets go check him.... No.... That guy over there. Wait! What about that guy! "

      Yes let's fill up prisons in the name of the failed war on drugs and then get sued for discrimination because our police officers only searched minorities. Brilliant idea.

    4. Why isn't "stop and frisk" being used here? Political weakness. Pure and simple.

    5. I would be happy with a "can you stop hanging out on this corner like you have for the past 4 hours?" or "it is 5am can you please go home?"

  4. Sunday night. Check. Warm weather. Check. Fun times to come.

  5. Sorry, this story is a myth.

    Our noble communist intelligentsia here in Chiraq have spoken, criminals do not use the Red Line #fact