Monday, April 06, 2015

CLOWNIN': Hour-Long Hell Raising By Boystown "Youth"

A large group of troublemakers wandered through Wrigleyville and Boystown, leading to a flood of 911 calls reporting everything from street fights to burglaries over the course of an hour Wednesday evening. At least one person was arrested.

The first call for help came around 7:40PM when a man called from Kit Kat Lounge, 3700 Halsted, to report that seven people were slamming a door and throwing things at him. Police sent the reported offenders on their way.

But, 30 minutes later, cops ran into some of the same individuals after residents reported 10 black men fighting in the alley at Fremont and Cornelia and other callers reported street fights on neighboring blocks.

"They were extremely loud and had no problem blocking traffic on Addison as they crossed the street," one resident told CWB.

That was followed almost immediately by a call of 20 people breaking into a garage in the 3500 block of Reta.

"[They] were in the backyards with one playing 'lookout,'" a neighbor told us.

Cops stopped several members of the group and took at least one of the individuals into custody as additional calls poured in. Among those stopped by by officers was a 20-year-old robbery parolee who lists the Howard Brown Health Center as his home address.
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  1. And there you have it! My partner and I have waited 3 years for "hope and change" and we just don't see it coming. The neighborhood keeps getting more dangerous every year. The criminals know we are sitting ducks and they are now here at all hours. The alderman's head is in the sand and now another 4 years awarded to him. The mayor doesn't care. We thought we were going to retire here but no more. We pay too much in taxes to live with no representation to make us feel safe in our own neighborhood. We are going to enjoy this last summer here and then move on.

    1. "The alderman's head is in the sand..." You got that right, and it's a shame that he was voted in for another four years. Who thinks he's doing a good job? And you are so correct when you said we have no representation. Bingo!

      Calling all 46th ward's not too late to vote Capplemen out! He is weak, ineffective, and most definitely has his head in the sand! All of Chicago has the change tomorrow to elect a new mayor. Let's do this people!!!

  2. I wonder what would happen if property values start to decrease? That would definitely get the city’s attention. But by that time it's probably too late, hard to resuscitate a sinking ship.

  3. I second that! I thought I would retire here too, but when I'm done working I'm out of Illinois altogether. I would rather take my chances in a backwards state like Indiana than be a prisoner in my condo here.

  4. From an interview in 2013 with the Center on Halsted's spokesman Tom Elliot: "Center on Halsted is the Midwest's largest, most comprehensive community center and we're a social service agency that serve all LGBTQ people in Chicago," he told ABC7. "… I can confidently say the individuals that are committing crimes in the area are not coming here for our services."

    Boldface lie, hinted with the use of "honestly." Here is the entire article:

    Sadly, Chicago is not the only city that seems to concentrate its lowlife and crime in the gay neighborhoods. Los Angeles is also coping with the "social service" industry that for some reason chooses traditional gay hoods to set up shop: West Hollywood has the highest crime rate in all of LA County!

    Look out Andersonville!! They're coming for you next!

    1. Thank you for the link to that WeHo story. West Hollywood had 96 robberies last year. We've got a long way (down) to go.

  5. Coming to a neighborhood near you! I am a former resident. Born & raised in Lakeview. My family had a home there for over sixty years (Cornelia & Racine) until the influx of yuppies made it too expensive. So, thanks for that! We were forced to move west, to a nice quiet area on the city border. Now, with the gentrification of Logan Square, we are getting a steady stream of undesirables here. So, again, thanks for that too! My point? You can only sweep the filth out so far before it starts blowing back in.

  6. When society's commode overflows, it's amusing to watch
    as everyone who fancied they were somehow above it all
    20 years ago are now up to their ankles in the stinky stuff
    dancing, crying and yelling for someone to jiggle the handle
    and make it stop.

    Some 4000 cops gone >POOF!< since 1995 and a massive
    re-allocation. You have nearly 500 Policemen assigned to
    Englewood plus city-wide units.

    Manpower in the "new" 019 is under 300?
    Once upon-a-time when 019 and 023 were separate districts,
    they had a manpower compliment of around 350 officers each?

    The craziest thing is that Rahm won re-election...