Monday, March 09, 2015

UPTOWN FLUNK: 2nd Murder in 16 Days Puts Homicides On Record Pace

Homicides are piling up at a record pace in Uptown this year after a man was shot dead near Sheridan and Agatite Monday afternoon. The victim, a 20-year-old man, is believed to have been killed by members of the Black P-Stones street gang, according to a source.

It's the second homicide in 16 days for Uptown, which also mustered up a non-fatal shooting in the interim. Murders are being recorded at the quickest pace since 2001, when Uptown experienced a double-homicide on March 10.

But, no matter how many people are shot and killed, Alderman James Cappleman refuses to consider that rebuilding our police district's decimated manpower might save lives.

The Grand Experiment

(L): Cappleman; (R): Police officers looking for his dignity.
Image: DNAInfo Chicago
After an Uptown boy got shot in the head in September 2013, Cappleman went off of the "crime is down" reservation and said he would be "insisting on a commitment of more police officers on the street before we vote on the 2014 City Budget."

But, days before the budget vote, Cappleman changed his mind. He claimed that he wanted more officers not because a boy had been shot in the head, but "because my concern was we could not address a lot of the chronic drinking. Especially around the first of the month, the drinking was terrible." The "boys-getting-shot-in-the-head" stats weren't too hot either, if ya ask us.

Rather than more cops, Cappleman settled for a city program that was supposed to help the homeless. "I want to try this out. I want to see if it works."

Not Working

Needless to say, it's not working. After a single homicide in 2013, Uptown scored 5 killings last year and has scored two so far this year.

Having zero shame, Cappleman told ward residents during his recent re-election campaign that he had "fought for & got a net gain of 29 officers" in the 19th district last year.

As CWB showed on January 26, that was a flat-out lie. Cappleman failed to win a majority in the election and now faces a run-off against Amy Crawford.

Nothing To See Here

Down, down, down.
Every murder brings out another Band Aid from the alderman. "Foot patrol" officers are a favorite of his. Even though those officers go back to normal duties within weeks.

He's right about one thing: Police officers alone will not put an end to Uptown's gang violence.

But reversing the gang mentality is a generations-long process.Waddaya say we keep some cops around until it's fixed, James?

Since 2013, the 19th police district, which covers Uptown as well as Wrigleyville and Boystown, has lost nearly 27% of its officers. In January, the 19th district's headcount was on the cusp of an all-time low.

Another Great Reason To Hate CAPS Meetings

You should've been at the CAPS meeting we went to in Uptown last week. A 19th district lieutenant actually told residents that they shouldn't be concerned about shootings in the neighborhood because down on the South Side "it's complete chaos." What kind of f'-in logic is that? Should they be concerned now that there's been another homicide? Exactly when should one become concerned about people being shot dead in their streets?
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  1. The residents obviously aren't concerned, they keep voting for insanity.

    1. I'm sure another politician can solve this. Maybe the Wilson station renovation will too.

  2. Criminals have to love the morons in these districts that are too cowardly to vote sensibly in an election or file a complaint against them when they do commit their crimes. The criminals are the flies and the residents are the pile of shit.

  3. While some of the critical comments towards Cappleman may be warranted, he deserves credit for shutting down the Chateau hotel, which was nothing but a cesspool of criminal activity. He has my vote and I encourage other members of the 46th ward to support him as well.

    1. I sort of agree, not sure that these aldermen really have much say anymore. These decisions are at the mayoral level. I hope Rahm is listening, protect your base i.e. the northside who pay the taxes yet are under protected.

    2. "These decisions are at the mayoral level. "

      That's EXACTLY what the aldermen like Cappleman—who vote in line with the mayor over 95% of the time—want you to think. The aldermen have a job to do. Cappleman chooses to take the easy road and not do it.

    3. I wish he'd get the Wilson Men's Hotel closed down...that's probably what he's referring to when he talks about chronic drinking. I used to see the bums splitting a 12-pack from the 7-Eleven at 7 in the morning while everyone else was heading to work.

  4. Why are there 4 tactical teams? Free up the man power already!!

  5. Cappleman is nothing more than another "social worker," as he himself admits. Those people make a lifelong career out of accomplishing nothing. Vote him out!

  6. Cappleman "shut down" the Chateau hotel so Gassman (the owner) could get on with the development he and his cronies have had in the works for some time. They just needed Cappledog to chase out the marginalized people living there. Cappleweasel hasn't done much with crime except put up street-side planters for 46th ward residents to hide behind when the bullets start flying. Yes, it was a cesspool, but then let's examine the overall condition of, and crime in the 46th under Cappleweasel's tenure... Voting for him is voting for Rahmbo and the army of developers waiting in the wings. Do I think Crawford is any better; probably not, but let's at least shake things up in the 46th. Vote them all out!

    1. For the sake of accuracy.... The Chateau was bought by a private developer from a slumlord (Jack Gore - not Gassman). Cappleman didn't shut anything down, but he also didn't protest the residents displacement, or seek any affordability in the rehabbed building. Gassman owns the property across the street - the block that was full of decent small businesses even before the Chateau sold.

    2. As one of the employees of a business there, we went from calling 911 twice a day, seven days a week while the chateau was open, to barely once a month after it closed. I can tell you with confidence that there were maybe 8 people that truly required assistance in that building. The others were trading link cards and stolen goods for booze and cigarettes. I was once assaulted by a man living there who brandished a knife and told me to empty my pockets. I pulled put my steel baton and he ran back inside the chateau. When I called 911, the doorman at the chateau denied police entry, and by the time they got inside, he had disappeared in the building. CPD left without asking if I wanted to sign a complaint.

  7. Who was the idiot Lieutenant that said that??

  8. If the "chaos" is on the South Side, why can't the CPD get MORE officers to transfer into 19 than out of 19?

  9. The new Tactical Lieutenant said that. Great people skills.

  10. AnonymousMar 11, 2015, 8:21:00 AM

    The new Tactical Lieutenant said that. Great people skills.

    How about a name for this guy??