Sunday, March 08, 2015

UNREASONABLE: Found Hiding Under SUV, Parolee Faces Burglary Tool Charges

Hornezes (Ill. Dept of Corrections)
Christopher Hornezes has certainly been busy since getting paroled on January 22nd.

First, he had to head up to Racine, Wisconsin, where he's still facing 2013 charges of theft, cocaine possession, and taking a vehicle without consent.

After getting fresh mugshots and a couple of court hearings in Racine, Hornezes, 26, came back to our neighborhood, where police in search of an auto break-in suspect found him hiding under a truck Monday morning.

Cops began investigating the break-in around 7AM after a woman reported that her father was confronting the offender outside of his car in the 700 block of Barry. The offender fled before police arrived, leaving behind a portable electric drill and electric screwdrivers.

Officers scoured the area and a citizen eventually flagged one down near Halsted and Diversey to report seeing a guy hiding under a nearby SUV. In court papers, police concluded that "trying to conceal himself under an SUV in freezing weather in the alley…is not a common practice for reasonable citizens." So, Hornezes was detained.

Taken back to Barry, Hornezes admitted that the abandoned power tools were his, cops say.

He's charged with possession of burglary tools and is free on $120 bond.

Since 2008, Hornezes has been sentenced to the current 3-year burglary sentence for which he is on parole; another 3-year burglary sentence; a 3-year sentence for aiding/abetting/possessing/or selling a stolen vehicle; and a 1-year sentence for narcotics.
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  1. $120 bond, come on. He is on parole for goodness sake. Now he is breaking into more cars to pay for his lost tools and $120 bond.

  2. Why is out on bond? If he's on parole, he should be detained. Have him sit in statesville and go to court. Any police contact violates parole so he has nothing to defend himself

  3. Well, ya know, some folks just plain old don't want to work, God bless em.

  4. Something tells me that judges never get burglarized.

  5. There's something very rotten in the local judiciary .. stinks!

    FYI ~~ Resale of stolen iPhone led police to suspect in attack on Emanuel’s son

    Learned something: "The trail that led to him started with the Emanuels, who, according to Maloney, “had kept a record of the phone’s serial number” that was added “to a database carriers and retailers use to determine if a phone has been stolen.”

    Didn't know that there was such a database. If places that buy used phones actually check the database, great. Have doubts about that and if it's really regularly done by some of these more sleazy shops. Also, where is the serial # .. on the instrument itself or inside the battery/sim card area?

    1. Emanuel mugger/gang member update, today

      18-year-old pleads guilty in mugging of Mayor Emanuel's son

      Seems the thugs and criminals are just being recycled thru this "justice" system, and it pathetically happens when they're this young and salvageable. Why not prohibit his gang affiliations/contacts or else, too? Wash, rinse, repeat ..