Sunday, March 22, 2015

TRIPLE PLAY: 7-Eleven Robbed For 2nd Time Since Friday (Customer Gets Robbed, Too)

UPDATE March 22, 9:20PM—As expected, police have just issued a community alert.
Well, we suppose detectives will soon notice a "pattern" here.

A local 7-Eleven store was robbed at 8:17 this morning and police believe the same offenders robbed the same store at gunpoint on Friday and robbed a Boystown 7-Eleven at gunpoint last week. No one is in custody.

Police say two black men with familiar descriptions had black scarves or masks covering their faces as they demanded cash from the clerk at 4116 N. Clark. As in Friday's robbery, one suspect wore a white hoodie and the other wore a dark hoodie. And, just like Friday, both fled southbound on foot.

Similarly-described masked men robbed the 7-Eleven at Broadway and Waveland at gunpoint around 3:45AM on March 11.

Two differences have some cops worried that the offenders are getting bolder and potentially more dangers: Today's robbery went down in broad daylight rather than overnight hours and the offenders today also robbed a customer who was shopping inside the store.

No one is in custody.
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  1. Now 7-11 knows how I feel every time I buy something there.

    1. Exactly. You're paying a premium to get in/out quick. I love how they watch you walk through the door then grab a mop and head to the back. I was in the one at Broadway/Buena on Saturday - the only person in the joint and had to interrupt the two workers chi-chatting over buy the Taquito warmer with "Hey, I gotta go!" after standing at the register for two minutes. I could have grabbed a carton and walked out without them noticing.

    2. the people at the Clark location are very nice/efficient.

  2. Just a heads up on a typo above- "victim" instead of "suspect". Thanks for the fast reporting as always.

  3. Just curious, did this 7-11 have one of those 'no concealed carry' signs at the door?