Tuesday, March 17, 2015

THE CUFFING OF THE GREEN: Let's Meet Some Of Wrigleyville's St. Patrick's Weekend Arrestees

Say hello to some of the 17 men and women who got arrested during this weekend's St. Patrick's disaster in Wrigleyville.

Wadas being taken into custody. (Image: the1stMikeC)
• Frank A. "Tony" Wadas of Hoffman Estates was donning a sweatshirt with the word "WHISKEY" stitched on its chest in 3-inch letters for his mugshot after becoming Saturday's first arrestee. Charged with battery and resisting police, Wadas was allegedly seen drinking a can of beer on the sidewalk outside of Moe's Cantina. When a police sergeant took the can away, Wadas allegedly smacked the officer's hand, grabbed his beer back, and then tried to punch the sergeant. He missed. Wadas, 24, is charged with battery and resisting police.

• Some local residents say they saw 20-year-old police K9 dog trainer Sam Tortorella kick over garbage cans behind a home in the 1200 block of Newport Saturday afternoon, so they told him to "respect their neighborhood" and stop being disruptive. Tortorella "became enraged" and punched two of the neighbors in their faces, causing each to suffer chipped teeth, court filings say. A third victim was allegedly "slapped about the face and chest" by Tortorella, who is now charged with three counts of battery.

• Brock Duerson, 25, of Highland Park is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after he allegedly approached a man on the dance floor at Sluggers bar and, without provocation, "placed a knife to the victim's chest [without] saying a word." No knife was recovered.

Acevedo (Ill. Dept. of Corrections)
• Four individuals who occupied the same car are charged with mob action after police say they saw the group stop their car in the middle of Clark Street to "yell inciting gang slogans and flash gang hand signals at rival gang members" who were walking down the sidewalk. Police say the other group walked away when officers intervened, but Jacqueline Rojas, 35; Crystal Arzuaga, 27; Luis Roman, 30; and Manuel Acevedo, 42, refused to disperse. Roman is also charged with three driving-related offenses.
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