Friday, March 27, 2015

THANK HEAVEN: More Convenience Stores Robbed Overnight, Arrests Made; Suspects Connected To At Least 9 Hold-Ups

The 7-Eleven at 2600 Lincoln, targeted this morning. (Google)
Two suspects are in custody and at least one more is still on the loose after more convenience stores were robbed at gunpoint in Lincoln Park and Lake View overnight. The crew is suspected of committing at least 9 armed robberies of convenience stores this month.

Scenes of Lincoln Park-area robberies connected
to this morning's arrestees.
Events began to unfold quickly at 2:23 this morning when a passer-by reported seeing three masked offenders enter the Circle K convenience store at Racine and Diversey. Moments later, the store's clerk dialed 911 and reported that gunmen had forced him to the floor in a robbery.

At 2:30AM, the clerk of a nearby 7-Eleven store at 2600 Lincoln reported that he was hiding in a back room after seeing two masked men walk into the store. The offenders fled the scene empty-handed.

But the thugs' lucky streak came to an end after Chicago police happened upon their escape from the robbery of yet another 7-Eleven store near Halsted and Grand at 3 o'clock this morning. There, the offenders allegedly pistol-whipped one employee and then cut a second clerk with the victim's own box cutter. Police sources say the same store was targeted in an armed robbery last Friday.

Police pursued the vehicle all the way to Cicero and Grand, where the driver was arrested and up to three other offenders bailed out on foot. One runner was arrested behind a nearby warehouse, but two others are believed to have escaped.
Three robberies in Boystown and nearby Lake View connected
to the spree.

Police recovered a handgun and clothing from the suspects' vehicle, a black Ford Escape with Indiana plates.

In a development that will surprise few with knowledge of the Chicago Police Department's remarkably cheap operation, no canine units or helicopters were on duty anywhere in the city to assist beat officers with this morning's search.

Charges—lots of charges—are pending.

The Cases

The suspected robbery crew is believed to have conducted at least 9 gunpoint robberies since March 11:

7-Eleven, Broadway & Waveland, at 3:45AM on Wednesday, March 11
7-Eleven, Clark & Southport, at 3:30AM on Friday, March 20
• 7-Eleven, Halsted & Grand, on Friday, March 20
7-Eleven, Clark & Southport, at 8:17AM on Sunday, March 22 (2nd robbery at this store)
7-Eleven, 2710 Lincoln, at 2:15AM on Wednesday, March 25
7-Eleven, 1349 Fullerton, at 2:23AM on Wednesday, March 25
• Circle K/Shell, Diversey & Racine, 2:23AM today
• 7-Eleven, 2600 Lincoln, 2:30AM today
• 7-Eleven, Halsted & Grand, 3AM today (2nd robbery at this store)

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  1. And our pathetic judges will probably give them probation. : (

    1. No probable cause for pulling these fine gentlemen over.

  2. home monitoring, or community service.

  3. Can You Imagine What Would've Happened If The Store Clerks Were CONCEAL-&-CARRY-READY EMPLOYEES ? ? ?

    1. Or it ends in a shootout with multiple fatalities, including the clerk and any customers inside?

  4. They should be sentenced to life with a job. Lazy thugs!

  5. I am absolutely certain these thugs will be given a free pass and slide, which means six weeks probabtion (f that), because after all, they were good boys who were JUST beginning to turn their lifes around when they got nailed. Any "judge" who lets these thugs off scot-free should be summarily removed from the bench. As for the helicopter and canine units not being available to assist anywhere in the city, I can bet my entire net worth that if something was going on around His High Holiness Rahm's residential kingdom (such as difficulty in making a "connection" with a high school guidance counselor in the middle of the night), or one of our illustrious alderthings needed help (such as cinnamon rolls burning in the oven), those canine and helicopter units would be out immediately, en masse, blanketing this city, all up in everyone's butt.

    1. And don't forget "killer tomatoes" on the mayor's porch.

  6. Not one canine unit available in this fine city? Maybe Rahm will hire 1000 after the election..... LOL

  7. I can see your point, but I'll have to go with the police on this one - precious crime-fighting resources need to be reserved for only the very worst crimes - like grabbing women's tushes.

  8. Congrats to the officers in the 012 District on a job well done.