Sunday, March 08, 2015

SURPRISE!: Given A Break When Victim No-Showed, Parolee Gets Arrested Again

Dunbar (Cook Co Sheriff's Dept)
A 39-year-old career criminal who got lucky when the manager of Boystown's 7-Eleven store failed to show up for a shoplifting court date is back in jail.

Darnell Dunbar, currently on parole for robbery, was arrested Tuesday morning in Uptown after a man flagged down police and told them that Dunbar had stolen his Samsung tablet from a table in a nearby restaurant.

Dunbar's bond is set at $3,000.

As CWB reported last December, Dunbar's Cook County Criminal Court record has more than 60 entries under eight names and seven birthdates. He has been in and out of prison for robbery (twice), narcotics (twice), and shoplifting (five times) since 2001.

Dunbar was arrested for shoplifting at a convenience store on the corner of Roscoe and Halsted on December 12. But, charges were dropped when the store failed to show up in court. 7-Eleven management has claimed that they were given the wrong court date.
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  1. THIS is why we have such a high level of crime in the area. The thugs KNOW they will not get in trouble. This guy got off scot free from the 7-11 episode, and will probably on get a slap on the wrist this time around. It's like the track records of career criminals don't matter. What lame-bot judge will let him off the hook this time? I don't want to see his fugly mug on here again but I am more than sure he will make another appearance on the CWB web again before summer is over.

    1. The judge was, ________________(insert name here). A political appointee by the same party that has been in control for decades and who not been voted off the bench by the voters.

  2. Whatever happened to the "three strikes and you're out law" ?????

  3. Whoa! Whenever that fugly face pops up on my screen I'm so thankful he's not my cellmate.

  4. I've encountered this motherfucker on the streets before. He smells like Ass of Goat. Why doesn't he go to one of the many many MANY "youth" shelters and get a shower? And he LAUGHS about how he smells and how it makes people feel uncomfortable. Obviously mentally off. But no, he will thug someone again and laugh about that, too, I guess.

  5. Maybe a stretch....but I doubt it. This is gonna be another "lost or mislaid item" since the victim was not holding the tablet. Out in less than a week.

  6. Let the Spring 'Hellmont' Games begin!!