Saturday, March 28, 2015

PHOTO OP: Two Charged In West Town 7-Eleven Robbery

Branch. (Cook Co. Sheriff's Dept)
Prosecutors Saturday charged a man and a woman in connection with one of three early-Friday convenience store robberies that culminated in a vehicle and foot chase on the city's near West Side.

The two have not yet been charged with participating in a series of similar convenience store robberies in our neighborhood, including two that unfolded less than an hour before their arrests.

Jamie Branch, 23, of South Bend, Indiana, and Mitchell Thomas, 24, of the South Side's Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood are each charged with one count of armed robbery and two counts of aggravated battery with use of a deadly weapon.

Thomas. (Cook Co. Sheriff's Dept)
The pair is currently charged only in connection with the robbery of a West Town 7-Eleven store at 3AM Friday. Police officers chased a vehicle that fled that scene for several miles before it crashed into a road barrier. Branch and Thomas were arrested almost immediately, but two other occupants of the SUV are believed to have escaped, police say.

Cops say Thomas pistol-whipped an employee at the Grand/Halsted store during Friday's hold-up. The same store was robbed one week earlier under similar circumstances (but without a pistol-whipping), according to a police source.

Seven convenience stores, mainly 7-Eleven franchises, have been robbed in Lake View, Boystown, and nearby Lincoln park since March 11. Two of those robberies took place less than 45 minutes before the West Town incident unfolded.

Bond is set at $400,000 for Thomas and $250,000 for Branch.
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  1. So they come from the south side...and as far as South Bend, Indiana....because they KNOW that our area has so few police.

    If these robberies occurred back when our police force was up to full strength, they would have been caught so much earlier. Seems now-a-days, there is no deterrent for these criminals because they know our police are greatly under staffed...and lets not forget that they will probably only get probation. Sad.

    1. So they come from the south side...and as far as South Bend, Indiana....because they KNOW that our area has so few police


      Remember to vote Tuesday == SO important!! I'm no fan of either and their "machines," but Chuy Garcia HAS stated he will add 1,000 police officers, that the crime issue IS important to him. Rahm barely mentions crime credibly, except that it's "down.": If Chuy does win, how could he back away from bringing SOME sanity to police force #'s and lose total credibility by abandoning that statement? He'd have to partially fill that promise, at least, and we're in desperate need of SOMETHING positive in force #'s. That's determined my vote, and I urge others to consider him for that.

    2. I plan to vote for Chuy, too. If he stinks, we vote him out in four years.

    3. Good!

      Just to make sure folks know the day/date of the election: Tuesday, April 7, 2015, two days after you've
      stuffed yourself with Easter/Passover goodies, and you're full of vim and fight. PLEASE VOTE!

  2. Crooks are coming in from out of state to rob us. It's known far and wide how little police protection Chicago has.

  3. The good old neck tattoo with a forehead tattoo thrown in for extra artistic expression.... ahh the thug life, good luck with that.

  4. Awwww, poor little Thomas got caught. Doesn't he look annoyed in his mugshot? (And doesn't look like someone you would NOT want to encounter on the street, alone, late at night? Or ANY time of day, for that matter.) But, in the end, I imagine both of them are good boys and girls who were JUST on the threshold of turning their lives around, and thusly will get 26 minutes of probation and a possibly-stern lecture and then sent on their way, so they may thug and mug and rob and thieve again. Ahh, the cycle of justice in Chicago.

  5. You could call it "crime tourism" - and some of them take a vacation without even leaving Chicago!