Monday, March 16, 2015

NAILED: Pair Wields Hammer In CTA Robbery, Arrests Made

Two offenders armed with a hammer robbed a man and his friend on a northbound CTA train
Sunday evening, only to be tracked down and arrested by officers who followed pings emanating from a victim's stolen phone.

Police were called to the Belmont CTA station around 10:15PM, where the victims reported that the offenders—a man and a woman—had exited the northbound train at Fullerton with the victim's cell phones, wallets, and a backpack.

Minutes after the cops began their search, one of the victim's phones began pinging in the 3100 block of Sheffield, just south of the Belmont CTA station. At the same time, another 911 call came in reporting that a man armed with a hammer was involved in an altercation between two women on the northbound Belmont CTA platform.

Officers quickly circled back and arrested the suspects near Belmont and Sheffield. Evidence was subsequently recovered from a trash can on the Belmont platform, police said. The male suspect was transported to Illinois Masonic Medical Center for treatment of head wounds.

Robbery charges are pending.

More Weekend Robberies

Officers did an outstanding job tracking down last night's hammer team. Offenders responsible for three other crimes this weekend remain on the loose:

• A routine shoplifting turned into a robbery at the Marshall's store, 3131 Clark at Halsted, Saturday morning. The store security guard told police that he tried to stop a teenaged shoplifter around 10:30AM, but backed off when the teen raised his shirt to expose a handgun that was tucked into his waistband. The offender is described as a male, black, wearing a maroon hoodie and Nike shoes.

• Around 3AM on Saturday, residents near Clark and Surf called police after they heard a woman screaming for help on the street. Officers found the woman who reported that a Hispanic man wearing a black jacket had just stolen her purse in the 2900 block of Clark. The offender was last seen running eastbound on Surf toward Broadway. Classified as an aggravated robbery in case HY183728.

• A Boystown barhopper became Halsted's latest mugging victim Saturday night. The victim told police that he was outside of Progress Bar on the corner of Roscoe and Halsted around 11:20PM when two men approached, beat him up, then took his iPhone 6 and his wallet. The two were last seen running eastbound on Roscoe toward Broadway. They're described as black men in their early- to mid-twenties, about 5'9" tall, with slim builds and short hair.

And Finally…

Car break-ins are an all-too-common event in our neighborhood, but rarely do the criminals get away with something as valuable, yet completely worthless, as a thief did Thursday afternoon: a $20,000 "pathogen modulation testing device."

According to the victim, the thieves took the highly-specialized bootie from a vehicle in the 3400 block of Lake Shore Drive
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  1. Excellent work, officers, on nailing the fools who come into the area to thug and mug.
    Now, the event at Marshall's at 10:15am and even the Progress Bar incident at 11:20pm concern me especially.
    Both locations at both times listed surely must have had many many people around? Are the thugs so brazen that they now do their dirty deeds regardless of surroundings? I guess so.

    This neighborhood is sucking ass more and more and more (as is our alderthingy, apparently) and it's looking like the coming summer will be nothing less than horrendous.

    1. You are just not paying attention to what's happening if you think the time of day or having lots of people around will prevent thugs from committing rampant crime.

    2. The bartenders don't go on break to the 7-11 by themselves. I've seen them essentially holding hands to walk 1/2 together before sundown. Very telling.

    3. ^1/2 block that is. Shit, it's not even 1/2 block now that I've measured it on google maps.

      They're afraid to leave their porch alone!

  2. Stop! Hammer.... Time?

  3. The security guard backed off? Why even have a security guard if they are only bringing a knife to a gunfight?

  4. The Problem here I noticed in this district is same officers always taking the weekends off. Then If they can't they just go on the medical and stay on it for weeks sometimes months at a time. We all get our weekends off when they come around so maybe this job really isn't for you if you can't be here. Stay safe my brothers and back each other up.....

    1. Yes, the same officers are off regularly.I wish someone would post their names here so we could know this information. This cannot be just a casual occurrence. Someone higher up the totem pole surely must be aware of this and is consistently giving some sort of official stamp of approval to the process. I also imagine that the usual entitlement, etc., probably plays into this. I am opposed to this if it is in fact an allowed thing within the police department.

      I am also very grateful for the officers and staff who DO get out there and DO work, regardless of time/day/weekend, to try to keep what's left of this neighborhood from becoming an all-out war zone in a third world country. Thank you!

    2. Ok that's fine, but are you going to post this every single weekend like you have been?

  5. "...but rarely do the criminals get away with something as valuable, yet completely worthless, as a thief did Thursday afternoon: a $20,000 "pathogen modulation testing device."

    If they get close to the device, I wonder if the device's alarm will sound. If it does, let's hope it attracts the police.