Sunday, March 29, 2015

IDIOTS WITH GUN: Thugs Yield $15 Each In Lake View Robbery

A Lincoln Park man was robbed at gunpoint by four assailants Sunday evening, just blocks from his own front door.

Around 8:35PM, the man was walking near Seminary and Wolfram—close to the Diversey Brown Line station—when four Hispanic men wearing jeans and black hoodies approached, produced a handgun, and demanded his valuables.

The four fled northbound on Seminary with the victim’s wallet and $10 cash. His stolen, cracked iPhone sent its final ping about 20 minutes later, crossing the Chicago River on Belmont. None of his stolen credit or debit cards had been used by 9:15PM.

So, the thugs got $10 cash and they may get $50 for the busted phone. That breaks down to a profit of $15 each. Minus gas money.
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  1. The last ping was sent as the criminals drove past the police station.

  2. Chicago thugs don't hold their guns like that. It's to the side and they usually hit sn ankle, mailbox or bystander.