Saturday, March 07, 2015

FINDER'S KEEPERS: Another Theft Conviction For Local Menace

A 24-year-old self-admitted Gangster Disciple with an impressive list of arrests has pleaded guilty to another crime.

Aaron Brown received a 120 day sentence for stealing a man's laptop and iPad on September 20, 2014. His sentence for theft of lost or mislaid property was off-set by a credit of 120 days  for time served.

Less than a month before his arrest in that case, Brown was charged with possessing burglary tools and theft of lost or mislaid property after police stopped him while investigating a call of two guys "running a scam" at Belmont and Sheffield.

When cops in that case asked where he got a Garmin GPS unit, Brown allegedly responded, “I’m not gonna lie...I swiped it from a car.”

He received a 2-day sentence after pleading guilty to that theft.

Brown continues to list The Crib youth shelter as his home address.
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  1. What's with this now frequently used category of "theft of lost or mislaid property"? Some thugs have been getting away with way too much due to this new "crime".

  2. Is he still allowed to stay at the crib after a conviction?