Sunday, March 29, 2015

DUCK, DUCK, GOOSE: Police Manpower Dwindles; Large Swaths Of District Go Without Beat Cars

“You know we’re short on cars tonight, right?”

That’s how one seasoned 19th district dispatcher suggested to an officer that they had a full shift ahead of them on Friday night. (Wait. Short on cars on a Friday? In an “entertainment district?” Will things EVER change?)

We haven’t yet received the line-up from Friday to see just how shorthanded the district was. But we HAVE seen the line up for last Saturday night, the 21st.

On that night, fully one-third of our district’s police beats had no cars assigned to them. And there was no “traffic car” operating to handle accidents and hunt for drunk drivers.

Mayor Emanuel, Uptown Alderman James Cappleman, and Lincoln Park Alderman Michele Smith are all running for re-election right now. None of them seems to think that manpower is a problem.
Sunday, 10:00AM. An officer is asked to respond to a burglar alarm.
Police officer: “Are you aware that this [burglar] alarm call came in at 9:11?”Dispatcher: “Yes I am.”
You'd better get used to it.
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  1. I believe in the Chicago Sun Times interview, Cappleman said he didn't think Chicago needed more police because the city is already among the leaders in the percent of the budget spent on police. I wish he would release his study for the public to verify his claim!

  2. Absolutely disgusting. Chuy should run with attention to all this non-sense. Amy Crawford and the person running against Michelle Smith should talk about this, too. Why this is kept so quiet is amazing to me. Why isn't this screamed from the highest building?? Crime is NOT down.

  3. And, the aldermen still continue to cash their paychecks!

  4. The five most important words from the first comment: "Cappleman said he didn't think"