Wednesday, March 25, 2015

DOUBLE GULP: Two Lincoln Park 7-Eleven Stores Robbed At Gunpoint Overnight; 4th and 5th Cases In Week-Long Spree

Two more 7-Eleven stores were robbed at gunpoint overnight, the fourth and fifth times that convenience stores have been robbed by the same men in a week. This morning’s incidents took place in nearby Lincoln Park while the previous three hold-ups targeted Lake View locations.

Map showing locations of 7-Eleven robberies
in Lake View (above) and Lincoln Park (below).
Police responded to the 7-Eleven at 2710 N. Lincoln around 2:15AM today after the clerk reported that two black men in their 20’s covered their faces with blue scarves and produced at least one handgun to rob the store.

Officers searching the area for the offenders were flagged down by a witness who reported that the 7-Eleven at 1349 W Fullerton had also just been robbed by two gunmen with similar descriptions armed with a silver handgun. One wore a black track suit and other a white tracksuit.
Late Friday, Area North detectives issued an alert regarding convenience store robberies in Lake View after robberies of 7-Eleven stores at Broadway/Waveland and Clark/Southport. The Clark Street location was targeted twice in three days.


No connection has been drawn between this morning’s robbery on Lincoln and another gun-related incident in the store’s parking lot early Friday.

In that incident, multiple witnesses reported that shots were fired outside the store by black or Hispanic men in a white Dodge Ram or white minivan with tinted windows. No one was hit by the gunfire.

The shots were reported at 1:53AM on Friday. The Clark Street 7-Eleven store was robbed 90 minutes later.
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  1. If only the district had more officers and one could be put on surveillance duty during the time that the store is most likely to be hit (does that idea qualify me to be Superintendent?)

  2. Relax, Tunneys has this situation under control. I'll stick my neck out and wager that he and his extensive staff are all "looking into it" right this very minute. Of course, all of these 7-11 robberies are just a perception (right, Elias?) and we have nothing to worry about. Nope, not a thing, not in ward 44 and district 019 anyway. Everything here is just hunky-dorry.

  3. Anti Tunney, anti Rahm rants with no positive suggestions. these are comment worth printing?

    1. Neighbors and comment writers and we publish and propose suggestions constantly. The responses from the alderman's and mayor's offices are copy-pasted:

      - Crime is down.
      - The alderman is working closely with the police department on the issue of X
      - Crime is down.
      - There are more police on the beat (even when our district's manpower is down 27%).

      So, you see, positive suggestions are met with non-action and false statements. Yes, the comments are worth it.

    2. Thank you CWB for all that you do!!