Tuesday, March 03, 2015

COURT REPORT: Teen Gets 6 Years For Boystown Car Break-In; 50-Year-Old Sentenced In Brick Attack

Holton (Ill. Dept of Corrections)
Leon Holton, 18, has received a 6-year sentence after pleading guilty to burglary in connection with a Boystown car break-in last autumn.

An observant resident called police on the morning of October 19 to report seeing two men pulling on door handles near Pine Grove and Addison. When police arrived, the two men fled.

Police eventually tracked Holton and another man down in some nearby yards after recovering a camera, Ray Ban sunglasses, cell phone cords, and an orange bag containing $17.90 cash nearby.

Holton has also been sentenced to another 6-year term for a separate robbery case. His sentences are to be served concurrently.

Brick Bashing Brings 6 Years

Barners (Ill. Dept of Corrections)
A 50-year-old man who has spent the majority of his time in prison since the Reagan administration is going back to the big house.

Parnell Barners, who was accused of smashing a man in the head with a brick near School and Clark last year, pleaded guilty to aggravated battery and received a 6-year sentence on Friday.

Barners’ previous convictions earned him four years for aggravated battery in 2008; three years for narcotics in 2007; 30 months for shoplifting in 2005; 10 years for robbery in 1995; three years for theft and another three years for narcotics in 1992; seven years for burglary and another seven years for home invasion in 1987; three years for aggravated battery in 1987; and five years for robbery and another five years for aggravated battery in 1984. He began prison life in 1982, when he was sentenced to four years for robbery, six years for a different robbery, and 4 years for theft.

He is scheduled to be paroled on May 9, 2017.
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  1. And on May 10, 2017, he will AGAIN be in the 'hood, thugging and stealing and doing as he damn well pleases, because by now he surely knows the court system is a fucking joke.

  2. Even progressive California has 3 strikes you're out law.

  3. Wow, this guys record is one of the most disturbing I've ever read. It seems like this guy has adopted the IDOC as a "home away from home". The scariest part is that he will be paroled in 2017. Yikes!!!!!

  4. "His sentences are to be served concurrently."

    Why concurrently and not consecutively?

  5. "Holton has also been sentenced to another 6-year term for a separate robbery case. His sentences are to be served concurrently."

    Why are sentences served concurrently? Isn't that the same as ignoring any crimes that are committed the same time as other crimes? Wouldn't that encourage criminals to do as many crimes as possible because they know they only have to serve time for one? Could that be the reason these criminals seem to commit crimes in breathtaking sprees that sometimes involves dozens of commissions? What could be the judge's motivation to ignore crimes in sentencing? When you consider that most criminals commit 10 crimes for every one they're convicted of, and the difficulty and cost of apprehending and charging a criminal, wouldn't a sane judge want to make the convictions go as far as possible in keeping the criminal off the street and preventing him/her from victimizing more people? What would motivate a judge not to do this except some sort of sick subliminal contempt for the general public?

  6. This kid gets 6 years for this and the converter thieves got what?

  7. That's amazing.