Sunday, March 22, 2015

BITCH AND MOEN: Prison Time For Package Thief Who Stole Faucets, Stuffed Animals

Maldonado (Cook Co Sheriff's Dept)
A career burglar's parole has been revoked and he's back in Stateville today after allegedly stealing packages containing stuffed animals and Moen faucets from porches in Wrigleyville and Lake View this month.

Samuel Maldonado, 52, returned to Stateville Friday afternoon to serve out the balance of a 10 year burglary sentence that he received in 2009.

His alleged accomplice, Marie Tirado, 48, is charged with two counts of theft. Her bail's set at $75,000.

Tirado (Cook Co. Sheriff's Dept)
Cops hunted the couple down after neighbors reported seeing Maldonado taking packages from porches in Wrigleyville and placing them in a Toyota allegedly driven by Tirado. Police say the duo's car contained several packages in the back seat and trunk—none was addressed to Maldonado or Tirado.

Among the items inventoried by police upon arresting the pair were: U.S. mail addressed to a woman in the 3700 block of Wayne; a box delivered to a resident of the 3000 block of Sheffield; Moen bathroom fixtures; individually-wrapped shirts; blankets; a Britax car seat travel bag; a collection of children’s books; and stuffed animals.

Prior to his 2009 conviction, Maldonado received a 6 year sentence for burglary in 2006, an 8 year sentence for burglary in 2002, a 6 year sentence for attempted burglary in 1999, a 6 year sentence for burglary in 1996, and three 4-year sentences in 1987 for two attempted burglaries and one narcotics violation.

Maldonado is the second career criminal to go to Stateville this year for stealing stuffed animals in our area. Rhygien Alibegg, 58, received a 3-year prison term in January for stealing a bag of stuffed animals from a Boystown garage last summer.
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  1. The guy looks a bit like Tunney and the lady is sporting quite the mustache. Fine citizens, I'm sure it was all just a mistake.

  2. FYI !!: Fox News running Fox Business's John Stossel doing a entire hour on Chicago - Is Chicago The Next Detroit? Just talking about Rahm, politics, the crime stats, police, misleading classification of crimes, etc. Coming up next: pay to play. It's been very balanced and accurate, from my POV. Good interactive financial tracking resource mentioned for spending/salaries/pensions, etc.

    A clip from the show:

    Hopefully, a video will be available on Fox News or Fox Business in the next day or two. Not a pretty or hopeful picture. Concensus sentiment seems to be it'll have to go bankrupt. Horrendous corruption and greed have tragically killed the jewel by the Lake. I pray it's not too late .. and maybe this hour devoted to how bad things are in Chicago, shown nationwide. will wake up folks here.

    1. John Stossel used to live in Chicago. Here's his "Reason Mag" background piece to the TV special:

      John Stossel on the Chicago Fray

      No video of his TV special is available as yet that I've found. Will post if/when it is.

  3. The fact that HIS parole was revoked.....and in the past couple of weeks another guy received a suspended sentence for a violent crime instead of having his parole a puzzle! At least the DA is 1 for 2.

  4. Why does this thief get any sort of time off his sentence?

  5. It is amazing what just a few of these crews can do, our garages and packages are a little safer. Most of these jerks rip the package open, see its kids stuff and throw it in the walkway next to our house.