Thursday, March 26, 2015

BEGGERS CAN'T BE BRUISERS: Panhandler Charged With Punching Man Who Didn't Give Money

A man whose Cook County Criminal Court record sprawls across 192 separate entries has been arrested again in Boystown.

Prosecutors say Danny Witney, 56, asked a man for money on the corner of Roscoe and Halsted. When the man said he didn’t have any money, Witney allegedly punched the 33-year-old waiter in the face.

Since 1984, Witney has also been arrested under the names Daniel Whitney, Daney Whitney, Danny White, David White, William White, Terry Wite, Donnie White, Danny Wayne, Terry Winthrop, Bardy Whitney, David Wright, and Terry Jones.

He lists the McDonald's at State and Chicago as his home address.
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  1. I've been seeing this angry-looking MF in the hood for years. And for years I've been thinking, "Man, it's only a matter of time before that guy stabs somebody." Gettin closer...

  2. I don't think there is a gay neighborhood in the U.S. that is as horrible as Chicago's.

  3. Well the Redline dumps all the scum off there after they all get pushed out of River North.

  4. I don't consider Boys Town a gay neighborhood any more.

  5. There are so many problems with this once, safe neighborhood:
    1) Weak Alderwaste that doesn't care about the wishes or safety of the residents.
    2) A horrible mayor that slashes police protection then spins & lies that "crime is down."
    3) Center On Halsted and all the fall out of that "wonderful" organization.
    4) Ridiculous justice system that barely slaps criminals on the wrist. Why are assholes like this with extremely lengthy rap sheets allowed to walk among us?
    5) Complacent residents who either don't vote or continue to vote worthless "leaders" into office.
    6) Churches and other "do-gooders" who continue to invite the criminal element into our neighborhoods, with absolutely no regard to the people who live & pay taxes here.

    Anyone got anymore? I'm sure you do! Thanks for letting me vent. : )

  6. Only 192 times? I mean, that's kind of impressive in a fucked up way.

    1. That's what astonishes me about all these career criminals. Their rap sheets are staggering, yet they remain free to rob and beat the law-abiding citizens of Chicago. Some kid selling a dime bag of pot will get the book thrown at him while assholes like this roam free. Sad, indeed.

  7. I recognized his face immediately. He is either on Halsted or Broadway. About a week ago, I was walking down Broadway to Treasure Island and he asked me for money. I shook my head and kept walking, but from the look on his face I was scared he was going to do something to me. I kept turning around and looking to make sure he was not following me. The only time I have ever been afraid of a panhandler. So bizarre to see that he actually wound up hitting someone. This took place with me on Broadway in between Walgreens and Melrose.