Thursday, March 26, 2015

BEGGERS CAN'T BE BRUISERS: Panhandler Charged With Punching Man Who Didn't Give Money

A man whose Cook County Criminal Court record sprawls across 192 separate entries has been arrested again in Boystown.

Prosecutors say Danny Witney, 56, asked a man for money on the corner of Roscoe and Halsted. When the man said he didn’t have any money, Witney allegedly punched the 33-year-old waiter in the face.

Since 1984, Witney has also been arrested under the names Daniel Whitney, Daney Whitney, Danny White, David White, William White, Terry Wite, Donnie White, Danny Wayne, Terry Winthrop, Bardy Whitney, David Wright, and Terry Jones.

He lists the McDonald's at State and Chicago as his home address.
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