Monday, February 02, 2015

UNDISTURBED SNOW: The Burglar's Best Friend

Snowfall makes the job easy for area burglars.

Year after year, police report, burglars are found targeting homes that are surrounded by undisturbed snow.

No footprints? No shoveling? That means nobody's home and the residence shoots to the top of likely targets.

Before this weekend's snow fell, a series of burglaries were reported in and near our neighborhood. Most of the break-ins were through locked back doors:
• January 25 — 3700 block of Pine Grove. Forcible entry.
• January 25 — 1500 block of Montana. Forcible entry.
• January 26 — 600 block of Wrightwood. Forcible entry.
• January 28 — 3600 block of Pine Grove. Forcible entry.
• January 29 — 1000 block of Oakdale. Forcible entry.
• January 30 — 1200 block of Wellington. Forcible entry.
In addition, two notable business burglaries have been reported.
• A Dunkin Donuts near the Addison Red Line station was burglarized sometime Saturday night or Sunday. Police said a "safe is involved." 
• Burglars struck a cellular phone repair shop in the 4000 block of Damen on January 24. Store managers reported about 100 cell phones and a laptop were taken.
No force was used to enter either of the targeted businesses, according to police reports, indicating that a door may have been left open or a key was used.
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  1. Good thing my landlord doesn't take care of the property and snow removal...

  2. Report them to the city

    1. I almost did last year. I live in a flat so I am just unclear as to if they are legally responsible. I know they are for the front sidewalk etc. but I'm unsure about the back yard path to get to the alley and garage. One would think that would be a fire hazard being buried in through the back but I'm just unclear as to if it is a legal requirement for landlords.

    2. If you are worried about a fire hazard, here’s a thought: shovel it yourself.

    3. Nah not so much. I'm more concerned about getting to my alley and at every other place I lived, the landlord or property management had snow taken care of.