Sunday, February 01, 2015

SNOW JOB: A Blizzard Of Bad Crime Info From Area Politicians

Major crime stats for the week of January 19
to 25 as given in Alderman Tom Tunney's
newsletter (top) and on the CPD's own
website (bottom). 
UPDATE FEBRUARY 2, 7:32PM: The crime update in Alderman Tom Tunney's newsletter is custom created for each of the district's aldermen on a weekly basis by an officer in the 19th district.

According to multiple sources, the reports are designed to inform area aldermen and their staffs of four specific crimes—murder, rape, robbery, and burglary—that have occurred in their respective wards. The reports were not meant for public consumption. 

Going forward, the aldermanic reports will either have a corrected graph or the graph will be eliminated altogether.
While we common folk shovel the white stuff, our aldermen and some candidates seeking their jobs are shoveling, too. But the stuff they're shoveling isn't white!

Local Alderman Tom Tunney continues to include purported 44th ward "crime statistics" in his weekly newsletter. And this week's stats are even less accurate than the ones he distributed last week.

Tunney's graph of "index crimes" shows one criminal sexual assault, three robberies, and four burglaries for the week of January 19 to 25.

But the Chicago Police Department's own website shows that Tunney didn't mention 31 index crimes that should have been included on the chart. Missing from Tunney's email are two aggravated batteries, 27 thefts, and two motor vehicle thefts.

Vanishing Act

This photo from Alderman James Cappleman's
campaign tells a story much different from the one
he intended.
Uptown Alderman James Cappleman's constituents began receiving a "tough on crime" mailer from his campaign this weekend. The photo he chose for the mailer tells a very important story itself.

There's James leaning on a squad car and talking to a big, burly sergeant. But, those numbers on top of the car start with "23"—meaning the car is assigned to the 23rd district, which ceased to exist nearly three years ago.

Indeed, the alderman's photo captures all too well what has happened on his watch: An ill-advised merger took away our police district and the new, bigger district has lost 27% of its police manpower.

Ironically, the current district's force of sergeants has been particularly hard-hit since the merger. Department records show that today's 19th district was served by 49 sergeants at the time of Cappleman's photo. Last month, only 26 sergeants remained.

We showed Cappleman's picture to some cops who currently and recently worked here. None of them recognized the sergeant as a current co-worker.

The Other Extreme

Down in Lincoln Park, 43rd ward aldermanic candidates have participated in a series of forums recently. Since their neighborhood is served by the same police district as ours, crime's an issue. But one candidate went off the deep end:

"The biggest challenge we have in the 19th [district]," Jerry Quandt told an audience last month, "is we are down more than 300 police officers."

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa, Jerry. We're down 125 officers as of last month. And let's not give anybody ideas about taking away 300. If they did, crime would really go "down."

Meanwhile, DNAInfo Chicago reports that Lincoln Park candidate Caroline Vickrey told an audience last week that, "she would implement a blog-style crime blotter with up-to-the-minute crime statistics." Sounds.......familiar.
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  1. Does Tunneys have to be held accountable for these lies in his statistics? I think everyone should call and email him about it. (Nobody will be given the courtesy of a reply, but we all need to do this anyway.) Most importantly, go VOTE on Feb 24th. Vote this spineless corrupt little twit out of office!!!!

    1. Prediction: His office will say the information came from the police department and they will continue to publish incorrect information under that guise.

    2. I get the newsletter and noted two things: 1. It is generated by CPD and 2. It has a disclaimer that data may vary from other CPD data. Is the difference between all 19th district and just the 44th ward?

    3. (1) No, it SAYS it is generated by CPD. We have contacted CPD and no one seems to know where this is coming from.

      (2) The alderman gives a specific window of dates, specific crimes, and a specific geographic area-the 44th ward. When same parameters are used to generate information directly from the CPD site, results show more crime has occurred.

      As yourself: Is it believable that NO thefts have been committed in the entire ward for two weeks.

      The alderman's office has not responded to our inquiry on this topic and no one at the police department seems to know where the "report," which looks NOTHING like real CPD documents, is coming from.

    4. I called and was told the reports are generated by someone in Cmdr. Voulgaris' office who wanted to provide data for major crimes -- robbery, burglary, sexual assault. Apparently the person left the other crimes listed, but wasn't filling in the data. Mystery solved.

    5. The top report from Tunney like the reports they hand out at CAPS. Anyone who goes to CAPS meetings knows that...

  2. Super Bowl Sunday. Big snowstorm.
    Yet the same officers that are always taking weekends off got to take this night off???
    What a joke this is, same officers always taking off on busy weekends and busy nights like tonight while we all have to work and cover for them. These bosses take care of their pets.
    Be safe everyone that has to work this busy night back each other up

    1. So file a grievance already.

  3. No wonder the city is broke...the streetlights are on during the day.

  4. CWB - Bloody great job on the Cappleman photo. Fantastic.
    Hey Cappleman - The best you can do for your constituents on the #1 issue in your neighborhood is reprint a three year old photo-publicity stunt. Great job there! That's real tough on crime, pal.
    And you just nose out TUNNEY!!!! who, once again, can't even crib from CPD's published numbers. Cripes.
    TT, you should stand up, in public, and apologize to every single citizen in your ward. Then resign.
    Oh, and give back the pay you didn't earn.

    1. The Cappleman section of this article is utterly and completely laughable. The amount of bullshit surrounding that picture and how easily you guys tore it apart actually made me smile - because it's fuckin nuts.

  5. Don't worry keep voting for the same people. Rahm and company wants to drive Chicago in bankruptcy to get ride of Daley's mismanagement and the pension obligations. Daley and TUR Partners will make more $$ off. But everyone idolized Daley.

  6. Under Cappleman's watch there has been no improvement with the number of homicides and shootings. He likes to point to crime data but never with these two specifics. Homicides have stagnated at the same rate from the past four years and shootings are up. People are getting gunned down in front of churches and colleges, but then he talks about how much safer we are. He has distracted us from serious issues to things like trapping pigeons and food trucks feeding the homeless. He's a clown like Tunney

    1. Say what you will about Cappleman but I will say I saw him out there after a recent shooting on Broadway working with the police attempting to find witnesses. It's more than other aldermen do.

    2. Cops used to do that before he let them all leave.

  7. I thought Uptown was going to be peachy fucking keen once Cappleman got elected. Do you mean to tell us it's business as usual and only getting worse?

    1. No, once the Wilson stop is renovated all is supposed to be "peachy keen" in Uptown. That's the prediction anyway.