Monday, February 16, 2015

POLICE ALERT: Armed Robber Targeting Businesses Here

Surveillance images of the suspect. (Chicago Police Department)
Chicago police late yesterday issued a community alert to warn of an armed robber who targeted at least two local businesses last week.

Early Sunday, we reported that cops were investigating connections between three robberies and one theft at area businesses last week.

Police are publicly connecting two of the incidents, both armed robberies of neighborhood Subway restaurant locations—one in Wrigleyville on Saturday and the other on nearby Belmont Avenue last Sunday.

The Wrigleyville victim said the robber produced a knife during the hold-up while the Belmont store’s employee said the robber brandished a pair of scissors.

The alert describes the Belmont offender as a white male with a slim build, 25- to 30-years-old, wearing a black North Face brand jacket.

It goes on to describe the Wrigleyville robber as male, white, 25- to 35-years-old, 160 pounds, wearing a green or olive drab jacket over a blue hoodie. The thighs of the man’s jeans appeared to be bleached or stonewashed.

In addition to the two incidents that are being officially connected, detectives are also exploring the theft of money from an Uptown 7-Eleven’s cash register on Friday and the robbery of a Shell gas station in North Center on Thursday. Victims in those cases provided offender descriptions that are very similar to the Subway robber. Further details are in our original report from Sunday morning.
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  1. Thank you, as always, CWB, for getting this information (with photos) out to the public.Noted that this went up at 2:17am on Mon Feb 16. Now let's see how long it takes for Tunney to disseminate the information in his tired little community news blast.I'm going to project he "looks into it" and "gets around" to sending it out to taxpaying constituents by maybe Wednesday or Thursday.

  2. Solve the manpower issue in 19-force the Tac teams into uniform, work nights on Belmont/Uptown, and MAKE THEM PUT IN AN 8-HOUR DAY!!! What is wrong with utilizing these people for what they are suppose to be used for for the amount of time they are suppose to be working?? If they don't want to do it, ship them back to the watch. Either way, manpower issue solved!

    1. Ha! Obviously you do not work in 019. What you suggest has NEVER happened!

    2. Esp that part in all CAPS. In by noon, out by 2...a peek reserved for the privileged.

  3. I've never read such a detailed description of an offender. Usually it's just a hoodie or blonde wig oh about 5'6" to 6'1".