Sunday, February 22, 2015

HAND IN POCKET: At Least 2 Targeted Here By CTA Pickpockets

At least two victims reported being pickpocketed on the CTA or CTA property in our area last week:

• A #22 Clark bus passenger reported being victimized as they stepped off the southbound bus at Belmont around 5:30PM last Monday. The offenders were described as a male and female couple: The male is black with a grayish goatee, about 6-feet tall, 170 pounds, wearing a black jacket, and black pants. His partner is a woman, black, wearing a black North Face brand jacket.

• On Wednesday, another victim flagged down police around 6:40PM at the Belmont CTA station to report being pick pocketed. No offender description was offered.

Photos of an alleged Red Line train pickpocket in action last month.
(Chicago Police Department)
The CTA has issued two alerts about North Side pickpockets since late November.

The agency issued a series of pictures with its most recent alert on January 24. The photo series showed a pickpocket in action on a southbound Red Line train.

And a late November police alert warned of pickpockets working as a team across several North Side stations. As CWB reported then, police strongly believe that they had one of the suspects in custody before the alert was issued. They had to let him go because a victim refused to file charges. Court records showed that the suspect, a career pickpocket, remained at large as of Friday.

Uninvited Burglar

A Lincoln Park woman reported seeing an unknown man in her apartment last Monday, then discovered that he had taken her cell phone and credit cards during the visit. Police say the man entered the apartment in the 1000 block of Montana around 11:45AM, “smelling like booze,” and then fled upon being discovered. Offender description: male, black, about 18-years-old, glasses, short hair, black jacket, light jeans, carrying a backpack.

Also on last week’s burglary list: 3600 block of Fremont. No force was used to enter the apartment.
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  1. I think the first crime you mentioned was me! I was pick pocketed on the SB Clark bus about 5:30 pm last Monday. I was sitting and reading a book with the flap of my messenger bag unfortunately unzipped, since I'd be exiting in 2 stops and putting the book away soon. The man was standing and holding the pole. He was carrying what appeared to be drycleaning but I now know it was to cover his arm. He leaned over me way too much pretending the motion of the bus was causing him to stumble around while trying to pull the cord. Like he got his junk way up in my face!!! I thought it was really weird but maybe he was just like an old man groper who liked touching girls on public transit. The woman he was with didn't at first seem to be with him. She pulled the cord for Aldine/School and walked up by the bus driver. Another passenger that actually wanted off at that stop ran into her because she just stopped suddenly. She was trying to act like she didn't know where she was or which stop she needed. She was wearing a multi colored sock hat, dark skinny jeans, white tennis shoes with thick soles and had a full length black North Face coat. So after she pulled the cord and got in the way of someone, she took a step back and sat in the empty seat next to me, her body turned away toward the door. Then the man got all up in my business and took the wallet. Then they got off the bus together and talking closely to each other. From there, based on my Ventra scans, they immediately hopped on the Belmont bus. There were 3 transactions on Belmont buses. They charged $100 to my debit card at the Belmont L station. Nothing after that as I shut everything off. HOWEVER, on Monday I got a call from the currency exchange at Kedzie & Chicago stating a cashier's check for $3000 that I had cashed was returned stopped payment. I informed them it was fraud but now I have to deal with that b.s. And who knows what other stuff will trickle in! The hilarious thing is the thief spelled my name wrong on said forged cashier's check which is a dead give away that it IS NOT ME.. plus they have the security footage. I gave the police all the specific transit scans from them briefly using my actual Ventra card. Guessing they could pull surveillance from the Belmont L where they illegally used my debit card to buy a new card with $100 on it.

    1. Sorry to hear that you were targeted. Thank you for telling the story of what happened and the after effects.